Mangoes vs. Mongos

Okay, this is a brave thing that I'm doing - putting my stupidity on the Net. LOL You'll find out in a moment LOL

To give a brief background, you all are aware that Dana just started speaking Tagalog when she started in Kindergarten so naturally, she's not as adept at speaking or reading or writing it as her classmates.  So then when I checked her assignment notebook when she reached the house, I saw she'd written that they needed to prepare 10 mango seeds, soil and a small pot.  From this list, I kinda deduced that they'll be doing some planting but what made me wonder was why 10 mango seeds?? It was so out of the ordinary that I even sent Ate Mel (our babysitter) to ask the teacher where to buy the mango seeds and the even more baffling answer was "in the market".  

I have been going to the market for as long as I can remember and I can't for the life of me think of one instance where mango seeds were on sale there.  So, there I was racking my brain in search of where to buy mango seeds and even went so far as to search the Internet to see if the Manila Seedling Bank was offering mango seeds for sale LOL  In the end, I had to resort to desperate measures!

I asked Ate Mel to buy 10 pieces of Indian mangoes (which were fortunately still available in every corner of the street).  I ended up eating 7-8 of those mangoes while I forced Ate Mel to eat the remaining two.  It's funny now that I'm writing it but it wasn't so funny when you're actually eating them! LOL

So at last, Dana will not go to school empty handed! I was so happy and relieved even though you can't imagine what the state of my tummy was hahaha

Imagine my surprise when Dana returned from school.  I immediately asked her how their school planting session went.  She told me, rather affectedly, that she brought the wrong seeds!! Her classmates brought MONGGO seeds!!! I almost fainted when I heard that!  It was so ridiculously funny and yet so irritatingly frustrating that "monggo" didn't even cross my mind when I was thinking of seeds.  On hindsight, I kinda remembered planting monggo seeds as a science experiment but for the life of me, it didn't connect in my brain! 

What happened was that Dana read "mango" instead of "mongo" on the board and that the teacher didn't correct what she'd written assuming probably that the kids knew what mongo was.  Dana didn't know what a mongo was because I don't cook it and we don't eat it hehehe

All that fuss for a mongo seed! That's why they needed 10 of them because they're small! LOL

Funny moment that I just wanted to share and one I'm not likely to forget in a long time LOL  Hope it made you laugh hahahhaa

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