June - The Start of Classes

It has come to this.  My two kids are now in school.  Has time flown by so quickly that it was only a few years ago that my two kids came out of me?? It's still unbelievable and highly surprising that when I think about it, it was like yesterday that I'm cradling my babies in my arms, having a lot of sleepless nights, washing endless bottles of milk and making regular trips to the pediatrician.

Now, this June, Dana will be in First Grade while Dylan will be starting Preschool.  I have no qualms about Dana starting a new year in school only that it surprised me to find out that she'll be spending a half day in school and bringing her own packed lunch.  I remember distinctly when I was in Grade I, my classes didn't take up a half day.  Get this, she needs 13 notebooks for all her classes and she has 10 workbooks which she needs to lug to school everyday - whew! talk about pressure! hahaha

Dylan, on the other hand, makes me nervous.  Though I know he's used to being left with a teacher since that's what happens during his speech therapy.  I have no idea how he'll handle nursery and being in a class by himself.  Fortunately, over the summer, he was able to get used to a classroom setting when I enrolled him in a preschool near us.  He was received well in Little Sofie and he blossomed there!  So when he started regular classes, it was a cinch for him.  They also had 2 hours of classes from Monday to Friday and it's great that they only had 6 students to a class which meant that the teacher will be able to track the students' progress with ease and since he also spent some time there during the summer, the teachers already have a soft spot for him.

In the first picture, Dylan is wearing his formal daily uniform which they wear Monday to Wednesday.  On Thursdays, they can wear civilian clothing and on Fridays, they wear their P.E. Uniform as you can see from the 2nd picture.

Another highlight in Dylan's school life is having additional free sessions in his Speech Therapy classes.  He was fortunate to have been selected to receive additional free therapy from Speech Pathology interns from the University of the Philippines.  Though it meant an additional hour every week for a year, it's still a huge benefit because it means that his progress will be quicker.  And the "free" price tag is unbeatable! LOL

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