Dana's 6th Birthday

We didn't celebrate Dana's 6th birthday with a party.  The day coincided with her Final Exams so naturally, time should be devoted to studying (yeah right!) hahaha  I just bought some pancit malabon from our favorite store, Patrick brought some ice cream when he came home and that was Dana's party :)  The important thing was that she knew we remembered and that we're together as a family to celebrate it :) I did still promise her that on the weekend, we'll have our very own Mama-and-Daughter Day Out to celebrate her birthday.

Alice in Wonderland [Blu-ray]So, on Saturday after her exams, Dana and I went to Gateway Cineplex 10 in Cubao to watch Alice in Wonderland.  Silly me, I haven't been to the theater in so long and I'm amazed that 3D is back LOL I never really liked 3D - blame it on my wacky eyesight but I'm content with 2D films hahahha and the price, oh the price!! It was almost double the regular ticket price of movies.. man! it's no wonder the government can't really staunch the proliferation of pirated DVD movies.. most people (I think) can't afford to spend this much on movies! :O

Anyway,  so Dana and I still went through with it.  Of course, naturally, she enjoyed it as it was her first 3D movie ever!

After the movie, we were hungry so we ate at Reyes Barbecue at the Food Court of the Gateway Mall.  Having regained some of our energy back, we both decided to go shopping like the good girls that we are LOL

We ended up buying swimwear and swimming implements for our upcoming summer trip :)

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