Pampering at Hot Nails Spa

March 11, 2010

I've always been on the lookout for a good hand and foot salon.  I'm used to doing it by myself (the cheapskate in me) but I figured I think I would want to experience being waited on hand and foot (literally) by someone else for a change :)

So, I looked around and compared services and prices.  There were many salons and spas in the malls but I figured they'd be too tired and they'd probably speed up the service because there were too many patrons.  I also don't like it when the attendants all chatter and gossip while they're working on you.  It ruins the atmosphere.  Call me picky but pampering to me should be a relaxing and quiet experience LOL

Anyway, the Internet is a lovely way to research.  I found Hot Nails Spa through the Net but I also saw their sign while passing Hemady Street in Quezon City on our way home.  So, that got me thinking.  "What's a nail and foot salon doing way out here?"  That piqued my curiosity.  So I emailed first and asked about their services.  And surprisingly, I got a reply from Ellen Edwards which I considered plus points for their salon because sometimes, people advertise their services but they don't take the time to answer their emails.

The first time I visited their salon, I went with Dana because we wanted some pampering just in time for Rej and Oneal's wedding (which I posted about earlier).  We both loved the way we were treated so we really wanted to come back.  So, for Dana's graduation, for which we all needed to look good again, Den, Dana and I went back to Hot Nails. :) Dana got treated to their Little Princess service, which was a basic ManiPedi for kids.  It also involved some bubble scrubbing perfect for Dana's pretty feet! :D  Here she is with her Attendant Eunice :)

Den got treated to their Global Chic ManiPedi Package (cleaning and nail polish).  It was her first time to be here and I believe she loved it as well :)

I opted for their Diva Scentsations Package, their Aromatherapy Hand and Foot Spa.  Oh and you also get a free drink of your choice - green tea, iced tea, soda, coffee or water :)

I have to say I look content and sleepy because the massage that was part of the service was sooo good! :) especially on my hands which are often tired because of being on the computer the whole day.  I now understand why people really spend a ton of money on their ManiPedi routines hahahaha  It looks like I'm hooked too hahahaha

So, if you guys want to feel pampered, head on over to Hot Nails Spa, #9 Hemady Ave., New Manila, QC.  They're open Mondays-Saturdays 11AM - 9PM and Sundays 10:300AM - 8:30PM.  Calling for reservations is encouraged and will be appreciated.

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