Of Moms and Mother's Day

May is usually a hectic month because it's the month before the start of classes in June.  It's usually filled with school-related activities like enrollment, buying of school uniforms and school supplies.  Not only will you spend time on such but you also need a ton of money to achieve all these LOL

It's funny that while we're going around town buying shoes, socks, bags, paper, notebooks and all that stuff, I can't help but feel nostalgic and a tad lonely because I remember that I used to do all these things with my mom. We used to brave the throngs of people in National Bookstore which only had a few stores then and most would crowd them especially nearing the opening of classes.  Mom always brought a Tiger Balm because I would definitely feel nauseous and dizzy because of all the people! LOL

It's nice that Mother's Day is held in May because this is the time that moms really feel close to their kids, not that they're not every day but you get my drift, right?  :D  There's a lot of bonding that goes into choosing your stuff that you'll be using for a whole year.  There's a lot of discussion and debate about buying cheap versus expensive brands.  There's a poignant feeling knowing that your little girl is really growing up and sooner, rather than later, she'll be a teenager...

We spent Mother's Day at Robinson's Otis which is only 5 minutes away from our house.  Why there you ask?  Because they have Mongolian Quick Stop which is one of our favorite restaurants LOL  They offer eat all you can Mongolian Barbecue and everything tastes good.  You really can forget about dieting when you're eating there! LOL

Celebrating Mother's Day doesn't have to be grand or lavish.. To me, having your family close to you and thinking about you on this day is enough.  Having dinner together and enjoying the day is just icing on the cake :)

Speaking of Mother's Day, it won't be complete without a trip to the cemetery.  Both Patrick and I have lost our moms and I also can't visit my mother's own grave so a trip to Loyola is like going to visit my mom too.  It's always hard for me being there but at the same time it gives me some sense of comfort when confronted with their graves.  I do wish I can visit my own mother's grave, that's all I want..

Happy Mother's Day!

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