Dylan's 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Dylan !!!

He's 4 years old and we're excited because good things are happening to him.  His speech therapy classes are going well.  He's improved a lot considering he has been in therapy for the past 3 months.  He is now able to speak more words although he still needs to be prompted for some stuff.  At least, we've noticed that he's singing more and is more receptive to learning than before.

However, like all birthday celebrants (at least in my family) we always end up in the hospital in some way or another during our birthdays.. In Dylan's case, we ended up at the emergency room on the night of March 23rd because he slipped on the stairs and he got a nasty bump on the head.  Den's friends who were here at that time were almost passing out because of all the blood on Dylan's head but I kept my cool because I knew that head wounds tend to really bleed a lot.

We went to the nearest hospital and Dylan needed to have 4 stitches.  I couldn't bear to watch him because it was obvious he was in pain.  I was thinking that if Patrick was the one who had to go with him, he probably would pass out too.  Injections and blood don't hold too well with him :)  I was also reminded of my brother experiencing the same fate.  But with Allan, he was jumping on the bed, lost his balance and he hit his head on the corner or our Betamax.  He was taken to the same hospital and he also had stitches to the head.  It's funny, because now, Dylan, Dana and Rhys (their cousin) have the same scar on their heads LOL kinda like Harry Potter look alikes LOL

I don't have pictures of him while at the emergency room because it seemed wrong to be taking pictures while he's in pain but I did take a picture of him with his head bandaged and it seemed like nothing happened after the stitching hahaha  In fact, while he was being fixed, he was crying so hard and it was like he took a bath with perspiration.  The nurses had to keep him bound with the blankets so he wouldn't be squirming and moving, it was really hard to watch.  But immediately after the bandages were on, it was like nothing happened.  He was back to his cute and charming self :)

I took about a week for the sutures to come off.  It was hard cleaning the wound and protecting it from germs because of the gauze tape that keep getting attached to his hair LOL that was what was painful to him. :D

Anyway, his wound and scar is a story that he likes hearing about all the time :)

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