Dana's Graduation from Kindergarten

Here's another milestone in Dana's life - her graduation from Kindergarten.  I can't believe that time has flown so quickly and she's finished with one year of school.  To top that, she's graduating as the Third Honor in her class! I couldn't believe it.  I knew she was consistently the 4th in ranking but she must have really done well during the last quarter of the year which is why she got promoted to Top 3.  You know what she said, "Mama, now that I'm Top 3, you should take me to Subic as a reward." hahahha That's my girl! hahaha

She was so proud to have earned a medal and it was also funny that I also got one, as recognition for parents of those in the honor roll.  So, Dana also got to put a medal on me and both of us went on stage a number of times :) That's what I call bonding moments! :D

This is Dana with her teacher, Ms. Del Rose Fantone.  Dana really learned a lot from her.  Dana even kisses her before leaving the classroom   during dismissal time.

I think it's really important that kids have a good rapport with their teachers especially during this stage in their life because it will define how well they will like school.  Parents can only do so much before kids go to school and then these fine teachers will take over the parents' job.  But that doesn't mean parents won't do anything else.  They still need to support their kids and continue with education at home.  I'm glad that my Mom was a teacher and I learned so much from her.

After the ceremony, we all went back home to rest for a while and change.  We took this opportunity to take some pictures with Dana's certificate and picture :)  Of course, she can't resist making funny faces even though we asked her not to haha

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