Happy Birthday Dylan!!

March 18 - It's our son, Dylan's 3rd birthday! :) woohoo unfortunately, we hadn't planned on any celebration or any kind of party for him. We were thinking of just having a summer outing for the family and that's the kind of birthday celebration for them hahahhaa at least it's cheaper that way and we'll have more fun! :)

Dylan's chocolate cakeYummy!

We did buy a yummy "moist chocolate cake" from Conti's in Greenhills. We first tasted the cake when Toni served it for Lance's birthday. :) We couldn't resist and honestly.. it took so long for us to finish Dana's cake that we were kind of tired of the taste hahhaha

But as you can see from Dylan's face, he's really enjoying the singing (of course you can't hear it, but trust me it was loud and hearty and funny!)

Of course, a birthday won't be complete without the customary candle blowing but we had to make do with toothpicks for candles (MacGyver will be horrified!) Oh and we also enjoyed the pasta that I cooked for the occasion.

Our boy is growing up so fast!! :)

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