2009 Hot Rod Exposition and Car Show

March 15, 2009 - After doing the laundry in the morning, Patrick, Den, the kids and I trooped to Fort Bonifacio to attend the 2009 Hot Rod Exposition and Car Show event. It was really for Patrick's job but we felt that it's a unique place to enjoy the day so we went with him :) Of course, the kids have some fascination with cars too especially from watching movies like "Cars", "Transformers", "The Italian Job" etc. and since they also play Gran Turismo we knew that they'll find it fun! :)

There were a ton of cars that it's hard to know where to start looking hahaha but when we spotted the food stands there's no question which our first stop is hahahaha After filling ourselves with yummy food, Patrick went ahead to cover the event. The kids played in the inflatable slide thingy that was erected to keep the kids occupied.

After maybe an hour, I figured the kids needed a rest from playing so we walked around the exhibit site. We saw Mini Coopers, Corvettes and really cool, very old cars!! Seeing as I'm no car buff, I can't tell you which models they are, but if you have an old car and you're not really taking good care of it, you should be ashamed hahaha

The kids became excited when they saw a replica of Herbie and Mr. Bean's car! Naturally, Dana gravitated towards all the red cars and she even saw a Volkswagen Combi wagon that looks similar to her Dora Van hahahah Dylan became scared of the really huge Monster Truck!!

It was such a good day.. a different but fun way to spend the day with the family! :)

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