Hannah's Baptism

November 29 - Hannah's Baptism at the EDSA Shrine and reception at the Max's Restaurant in Robinson's Galleria.

We had a lovely time. Hannah's so cute! :) I think she looks more like Toni than Stevie hahaha Dimples, Jericho and Rhys were also there but they came a bit later.

The food was yummy ! There was fried chicken (of course!), pancit canton (chow mein), shrimp fried in batter, beef stroganoff, chopsuey, leche flan (man, writing about all these makes me hungry again! hahaha)

After, we went around Robinson's Galleria itself because it's been such a long time since we've been there.. We got Dylan new slippers for going out (they're more like sandals), bought Dana some jeans and then we had snacks at Krispy Kreme (the best donuts in the world!)

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