Visiting Loyola

After so many attempts at visiting Patrick's Mom at the Loyola Memorial, we finally made it. We always intended to visit it's just that money matters sometimes interfere or even the weather isn't cooperating. Well, we're glad that the situation's improved and we were finally able to visit her.

In a way, it was also cathartic for me as it was like visiting my mom's grave as well. It was painful but it helped.

It was also nice that the grave was still in well-kept condition and that we met the caretaker to give him his due.

After that, we went to the nearby Marikina River banks Mall and were able to take advantage of the sale they were holding. Bought some shoes for the kids and pajama sets (which were long overdue) and Triumph bras for myself (hahahaha). Patrick was supposed to buy new jeans but he didn't find something that he liked. Oh well.. there's always the next sale! :)

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