Dinos Alive In Manila

December 6, 2008 - We went to see Dinos Alive World Tour 2008 at the SM Mall of Asia. Patrick just got his Christmas bonus and we decided to take the kids seeing as how they're big fans of Jurassic Park :) and it's better to go earlier than later when more people will crowd the place. Fortunately, the crowd was minimal and it was a relaxing experience :)

The kids though got scared of the big dinosaurs, Dana in particular, which made me think that they should illuminate the dinosaurs more rather than creating such a dark and scary theme. Kids who are older may like that ambience though but for kids my children's age, it really scares them so it takes away the fun.

However, Dana brightened up when she went "digging" for fossils ! She also took part in the Alaska games zone and we watched a film showing at the Dino Theater from the QTV show, "Prehistoric Park". Coming out into the open air, the kids played at the giant inflatable slides after which we ate at KFC. Oh, we also got 5 sticks of Purefoods hotdogs! yummy!!

We got our very own souvenir photo from the Kodak stall (for P300+) and bought some toys from the merchandise store next door :) lots of cool toys on sale!! great bargains!!

We finished the day with dinner at Sbarro after going around appliance stores looking for good deals on DVD players!

We got home way, way late!! We were all exhausted but it was good fun!!

(edit) Click here to see the pictures we took.


  1. Oh, wow, look at your kids! Dylan looks so grown up and Dana is beautiful! Great photo, Rachel, and I'm glad you had a good time, even though the kids thought it was scary. :)

  2. Hey Bookfool! The kids are growing up so fast. Thanks for the compliments on my kids hahaha Take Care!


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