Tita Gigi's birthday celebration

Last Friday, October 10, we went to Dana's Ninong Carlo's house to attend a party for his mom's birthday. The Aguilos' have been a 2nd family to Patrick since he and Caloy became friends and it's also such a coincidence that they're related to me since we all hail from the same small island group in the North.

The kids were a hit (I'm one proud mama!) It was such a bittersweet feeling that these people, though not related by blood, have so much affection for our kids, more so than some of our very own relatives. It's like I'm seeing their enjoyment as a way of how it would be if my mom were alive and she was able to be with them in the same way.

We went home at around 1am LOL it was a good time to catch up and even Dana's Ninong Johann took the opportunity to give the kids his last year's Christmas gifts LOL see how much time has passed before we saw each other again hahaha

The pictures are of (top) Ninang Bito and Dylan and (bottom) the kids playing with the piano (like Chiaki and Nodame) hahaha

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