Trip to Calayan!!

Oh my gosh.. it's Friday already and it's only 3 more nights before we go on our long-awaited trip to Calayan, Cagayan!!! We're all so excited!!

If you guys don't know where Calayan, Cagayan is, it's right at the tip of the Philippines, which is practically a stone's throw away from Taiwan (that island at the northern part of the map) Hongkong is on the Northwest :) Not many people are aware of this area of the Philippines, but it's where my father and his family originated. The main island is the one in the 2nd picture..

I haven't been here since I was about 7 or 8 so it'll really be a nostalgic moment for me.. Imagine, traveling by bus for 14 hours and then taking a boat ride for another 3-4 hours hahahaha now you can understand why we have to stay for a week LOL

It will certainly be a big adventure for my kids who have never been to the beach in their lives LOL Den has already been to the island last year I think and she fondly remembers eating lots of crabs, shrimps, lobsters and fish - ALL FRESH!! woohooo the beach is a 2 minute walk from the ancestral home!! Looks like I'll be bringing tons of sunblock lotion :)


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  1. How Fun!!! My mom was born and raised in Claveria Cagayan and we took lots of trips there back when we were young. I fondly remember these three rock statues: a man, a woman and a child (apo lakay-lakay, forgot the woman and ubing-ubing for the child). I'm sure it's still there. Well, have fun on your trip and send pictures as soon as you can. Love, Dette


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