We got a new Condura Negosyo Ref 5G!

September 22,  2013

Last August, our 20+ year old Goldstar refrigerator died.  I didn't realize it was weakening and should have turned it off (as the repairman said later) so that I could save it.  But, as it is, it would still have cost P6K-P7K to repair it so we decided to just buy a new one.  It took longer to get the money to actually buy one and I also had to do my research to get the best one.  We finally narrowed it down to the Condura Negosyo Ref 5G and I'll tell you why.

Our old Goldstar ref which my grandmother bought for us in 1993 at the Duty Free shop (she came home for a visit) was a 2-door, fully automatic, no-frost model that cost $325 roughly P8K pesos at that time.  It never broke down and never needed to be repaired.  I wanted that kind of convenience again.  But with a limited budget, I didn't think I could afford the same luxury.  So I surfed the Net for the same kind of refrigerator and nope, can't afford it.  Our budget can only accommodate a single door, either a Manual or Semi-Automatic, not a No Frost, and either a 5 or 6 cu foot refrigerator. The bottom line is I was looking at a Samsung, an LG, a Panasonic.  The Condura wasn't even on the short list because it was a bit more expensive than the others.  Here are the reasons why we ended up with the Condura Negosyo Ref 5g.

1.  Highest EEF rating among our other choices - It had a 224 EEF rating and that alone was enough to make us decide to buy it.  See, the higher the EEF rating, the lower the power consumption of any electrical appliance.  So, if at first you have to spend a little more for the ref, in the long run, it will have saved you more in lower electricity bills.

2.  The 1.5L bottle rack - The space-saving convenience of having a specific place for your soda bottles is a brilliant idea.  Patrick immediately said "Yes!" when he saw it hahaha

Photo from Condura

Photo from Condura
3. The LED lights which leave a blue hue in the ref - One of the reasons why it doesn't consume that much power is because of the LED lights.  They provide the right amount of light without using up too much power.

4.  The free ice trays are a cool addition too :)

5.  Italian Metalon - I liked the Metallic finish because it was a change from our old plain white ref.
6.  The One-Touch defrost system is one-step below our full automatic but it does the simple job with little fuss.  How difficult is it to push a little blue button, right? :)

7.  Availability of spare parts -  Since this is a Condura, therefore locally-made, if it breaks, it's easy to find the parts needed.  AND, the Service department is in Makati so easily accessible to us too.

So even though we had to pay P13,295 for it, I think we made the right decision.  Plus, the kids totally spaced out with the carton the refrigerator came with - they built their own "nest" and slept in it LOL

Update:  It's true that it's a power saver.  Our power bill went down by P500 after using this new ref.  So, yeah that rocks! :D


  1. bakit laging nawawala ang freon.baka kako may singaw sabi ng tech ganoon daw talaga ang sakit ng condura ref. ano po ba masasabi nyo.

    1. Hello and thanks for your comment. So far, wala naman po kaming na-experience na problema sa ref namin since nabili namin. Thanks.

  2. Yung lock ng freezer door po ng inyo ayos pa? Samin laging nasisira, yung tech na mismo ang nahsabi na yun daw talaga sakit ng condura negosyo ref. Ang bayad pa naman para palitan yun mababa na ang 500 sa taguig, sa pasig 650 ang singil

    1. As of now po ayos naman po. wala pa pong nasisira sa ref namin :) Knock on wood! :)


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