Dana's 2013 Buwan ng Wika Presentation in school

September 04, 2013

It's Dana's turn for a Buwan ng Wika presentation.  Preparations for her school activity were a bit tedious because we had to create the props that she used for her performance.  All the girls in class had the same headdress, bracelet and skirt but they had to source out their own black leotards and props to give the performance a colorful diversity.

I'm not much of an arts and crafts person so I thought that making this prop was going to be the death of me.  But, as a Mom, I have to soldier on

We bought the fake flowers at a nearby department store.  The base I used was a "bilao", a locally-woven tray commonly used for large servings of food.  I actually got the bilao from Dylan's school when they held the Buwan ng Wika and parents brought food to share with everyone.

Thanks to our trusty glue gun, we were able to glue the flowers onto the bilao and then wrapped the sharp edges with a piece of ribbon to protect Dana's hands.  I had to use lots of glue to keep the flowers intact because I knew they'd be shaking them a lot.  We also had to decorate her slippers so they would match the costume :D

The day of the dance came and everyone looked so cute!! They were so vibrant and striking!

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