San Jose Inn - the place to stay in Calayan Island, Cagayan

09 April 2018

This is the San Jose Inn.  This was where we stayed during our trip to Calayan Island, Cagayan.  It's family-owned so we stayed here for free but I wanted you to know what's in store for you should you feel the urge to visit Calayan, hence this post.

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The San Jose Inn was built to cater to the growing number of tourists that come to Calayan Island.  It currently has 6 rooms, each shown below.  It has a mini-grocery and bakery on the ground floor so that you have the convenience of buying whatever you need.  It is centrally located, right in the middle of town, so you have easy access to the beach, the Church, and the docks/port.

Being on a remote island, you must know that there are no fast food outlets like McDonald's or Jollibee.  However, just across from the San Jose Inn is Jimbel's Eatery where you can buy home-cooked meals. 

The San Jose Inn also has a 2nd floor common veranda for relaxing and dining.

A note on electrical power though:  Since electrical power in the island gets cut off between 12MN and 12 Noon, the ceiling fans, lights and electrical sockets in the rooms won't work.    However, when we were there, my uncle connected a stand fan and the lights to a solar panel-powered switch so that even when the electrical power from the Island gets cut off, we'd have enough power for a fan and some lights, but not for the sockets.  But not to worry because nights are pretty cool and breezy in the island anyway (that's from personal experience) :)  But you do have to remember to charge your gadgets during the afternoon, as soon as the power comes on around Noon.  That or bring enough power banks to last you throughout your trip.

And now for the Available Rooms:

Room 1

This is a pretty good-sized room.  It can be suitable for a couple since it's equipped with a Double-Sized Bed or for a Small Family, with an additional pull-out bed.  It has it's own toilet and bath and small closet.  It has it's own balcony too. The wide windows provide enough fresh air circulating in the room even though it has a ceiling fan too.

Room 2

Room 2, just across Room 1, can accommodate a bigger group.  It is equipped with 2 double beds and has some space for additional pull-out beds should you need it.  Like Room 1, it's a corner room so there's plenty of windows to let the air in.  However, this room doesn't have a private toilet and bath. It shares 2 common bathrooms (His and Hers) in the Hallway with Room 3.  

Room 3

Room 3 is a slightly smaller room compared to the first two.  It can be suitable for a couple who are willing to share a slightly smaller bed.  Two friends can also share the room, with one on the bed and the other on the pullout.  It has a small desk and chair and a shelf for stuff.  The bathroom is just across this room so it's not really a big deal not having it's own private T&B.

This is the room where the four of us stayed in and it was okay.  The kids were on the pullout bed and we shared the bed.  Naturally, once you're up and awake, you just make the bed up and push the pull-out back in to make more room :) 

Room 2 and 3's common bathroom

Along the hallway, just across Rooms 3 and 5, are these two separate bathrooms, designated as His and Hers.  It's got full running water, no hot though.  

Room 4

Room 4 is probably the same size as Room 3 and has the same furnishings.  What it does have is it's own private bathroom so you may want to choose this over Room 3 if you're picky with sharing bathrooms :)

Room 5 

Room 5 is the central room in the Inn.  I would say it's the biggest room in the Inn.  It's got 2 Double-Sized beds, a private bathroom and its own balcony.   This is definitely for big groups.

Room 6

Room 6 is the mirror image of Room 4.  It's got a single bed, a desk and chair and it's own private bathroom.  It's the room closest to the 2nd floor common veranda though.  

So that's it.  I understand that the rates for a stay in the San Jose Inn is P300/person/night.  They also arrange tours around the Island.  Please just contact them for more information :)

FB page:  San Jose Inn


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    1. Thanks for your comment :) Just contact them for your trip :D


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