NDPR Week Continuation: Film Showing and Food Festival

19-20 July 2017

Continuing with the celebration of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabiliation Week, Dylan's class participated in a Film Showing (Day 3)  and a Food Festival (Day 4).

You may wonder why there's a Film showing during NDPR week.  It's actually to test how long these kids can sit, focus and watch a full-length movie.  To normal people, sitting still for the whole length of a movie is a breeze.  But for special kids like Dylan and his friends, it's actually pretty difficult.

On Day 4, the food festival was done to encourage kids to prepare their own meals and to teach them to appreciate good food.  The kids made waffles!

So the film showing was held in the gymnasium and Dylan and his class watched a film together with other SPED classes.  Watching a movie for Dylan is quite normal because he loves movies and he can actually watch movies all day.

That's why, as you can see, he was pretty happy about the schedule.  In fact, he was actually suggesting to his teacher different movies to consider. haha

So they all just sat on the floor and watched a movie.  Some of the parents of the Autism classes stayed on the side and some sat with their children.  At the end of the film, Dylan and I were the only ones remaining from his class.  The other children weren't interested at all and were just running around.  Others grew bored and listless so their parents had to take them home earlier than the rest.

The next day, the kids were excited to have their first cooking activity.  We all decided that they can make waffles so the parents contributed the ingredients for it and for the drinks.  Solenn was already practicing "pretend eating" with her fork :) It's nice to see when the kids are interacting and participating in the activity.  Teacher even made them their own toques and so they started calling each other "Chef" :)

Everyone gathered together and started mixing the ingredients.  Who knew that everyone would find this activity interesting and enjoyable.  No one threw a tantrum or even cried all day! :) Nice!! :)

Look at how they're all having fun mixing the ingredients...

After they finished mixing the ingredients, they all watched eagerly while Teacher poured the batter into the waffle maker.

While waiting for the waffles to get cooked, they prepared their chocolate drinks.  Unfortunately, some kids are not allowed to drink chocolate because it will make them even hyper so they settled for plain water instead.  The straws seemed to make them happy though.

Everyone was quiet and settled while Teacher gave them their share of waffles.  The kids wolfed those down in a jiffy! haha They waited eagerly for seconds and even third servings!  The batter that they made was more than enough thankfully and there were some left to share with parents and other teachers.

All in all, it was a fun day for them.  Everyone left with smiles on their faces and with full tummies! :) Since this activity was a resounding success, I'm sure Teacher will plan more of these in the future.  :)

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