Dylan's class is Munting Aklatan #95 thanks to Books for a Cause

20 July 2017

Today, Dylan's class became Munting Aklatan #95.  We were fortunate to be the beneficiaries of books for Dylan's Autism class courtesy of Sir Ramil Sumangil from the Books for a Cause advocacy.

Books for a Cause receives any and all books (and even toys) and in turn donates these to people who need them.  Thank you for our books!! :)

You may be wondering how we were able to connect with Books for a Cause.  The reason is simple.  I first stumbled upon Sir Ramil's organization when I was personally looking for a place to donate my pre-loved books.  I actually was able to bring these books to a drop-off point and these were subsequently picked up later on.  That was it.

When school started, one of the things needed for Dylan's class was books.  I would have brought the kids' old books but we had donated them earlier on.  I then thought of asking Sir Ramil if he could donate some for the class.

I sent a message to him via their FB page and he was accommodating enough to acquiesce to our request.

Today, he brought the books to the class, just in time for the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week.  Dylan was pretty excited and immediately started stacking up the books in our makeshift bookcase.  Yes, we still have to buy a real bookcase haha

 Naturally, he couldn't wait and he started reading the books.

His other classmates were all excited to read them as well.

To Sir Ramil and his team, we would like to say a big "Thank You" for your generosity.

So, if you guys have books and toys to donate, don't hesitate and look up Books for a Cause.  Your donations will go to those who deserve it and will contribute to the literacy of our country.

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