NDPR Finale: Sports Festival!

21 July 2017

The theme today is Speed because today is the last day of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation celebration at Dylan's school! Their final activity is a Sports Festival and all Special Education classes are participating.  That is why Dylan is wearing a "The Flash" shirt while I"m wearing a Ferrari shirt LOL

Assembly time was at 0730 and yep, even though it's a bit early for Dylan, we were both up and full of energy at this time of the morning haha

There were a number of sports activities that each class can participate in.  Parents and teachers had prepared several loot bags for the kids who participate and special prizes for those who win in friendly competition with other classes.

Dylan participated in all 7 activities though it's too bad I failed to take pictures or videos of some of them because I was busy assisting and cheering him on haha

The event started with warm-up exercises which everyone participated in.  It was a good thing it didn't rain but it was a little hot but manageable and the kids weren't bothered by it due to their excitement at what the day brings.

Across the quadrangle, teachers have set up different sports activities - sack race, softball, obstacle course, track and field, ball relay, ball throwing, shot put, cup stacking and putting straw in a bottle - each to test our kids' athletic abilities and motor coordination. Each class can make a choice which activities they want to participate in as a group in competition with another class, or compete against themselves when no other competition is present.  These kids were up to the challenge despite the heat!  Check them out!

They patiently waited for their turn at softball.

Next, they went to compete in the sack race.  They won! :) Dylan went first but alas, no pictures and video for him :( I was worried that he might trip and hit his face on the ground like what happened to Dana when she was in Kindergarten.  

Next, they went for basketball throwing. Yeah, they did and even though the basket was apparently too high for them, you have to give these kids props for doing their best.

Dylan was the only one who could actually hit the board.  He did it twice and he didn't want to stop.  The teachers were encouraging him to go on :) It was so much fun.

Next up was Cup Stacking.  At first, we thought it was the Track and Field event but then we saw the cups and we were intrigued.  The teacher then demonstrated to the kids how to do it and then they were off!  They won again! :) Congratulations guys!

Their next stop was the Ball Relay.  They played poorly in this activity, sad to say.  They were so uncoordinated that the other team was done and we didn't even know it! LOL  But the important thing is that they still participated and didn't give up.  It's good for kids to learn disappointment, that they can't win all the time.  There will be someone better than you at some point.  Their sadness was short-lived because there were more games to join in :)

Next to the ball relay was the "Putting the Straw into the Bottle".  After their utter loss in the previous game, this one was a Slam Dunk for them.  :)

Their next game was the Shot Put.  It was pretty much like the Ball Throwing game.  Some kids found it hard to throw, they had less power and muscle control.  Dylan's throw got him First Place :)  I told him to throw it like he's mad LOL It worked! :)

By this time, we only had one more game to play and it was the Track and Field - Dylan's favorite :) There was no doubt because he won First Place Yay!! Congratulations Dylan! :) You are the embodiment of The Flash! :)

Once they were done with all the games, we all trooped back to the classroom for some lunch courtesy of the parents.  The rest of the extra loot bags were also distributed.

Dylan was overjoyed with what happened today he couldn't stop talking about it on the way home.  He was also surprised at the number of loot bags I brought out. haha He didn't notice that there was so much because I put them in the bag as soon as he got them.

It was truly a tiring but satisfying day.  I am proud of Dylan for wanting to participate in all the games.  He gave it his best and he won!  He even got a medal for his efforts in Track and Field.  :)  Thank you to all the teachers who planned, prepared and executed the games.  Thank you to the Administration of the school for holding the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week :) It was a privilege to be part of it.  Thank you to the parents who fully support the children and the efforts of the school.  :)

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