Dylan's Nutrition Month Celebration in School (2017)

14 July 2017

It was Dylan's Nutrition Month celebration today!  I actually dread these school events because it would mean having to be "artsy" and creative when making the costumes and props.  BUT, if it meant that my child will be enjoying himself, then I'm on board.  And today, Dylan really enjoyed himself!

So, first off - the head gear! haha When Dylan was younger he also participated in a Nutrition Month event at school and we also had to make a custom head gear.  It was easy because I just had to stick some plastic fruits on a hat.  I actually looked for that piece but I think I threw it away because the fruits were falling off haha

Anyway, I could only find these large pieces from the store and I MacGyvered that headgear like crazy haha  I was lucky enough to find a wire that already looked like a stalk and figured I'd make it into a tiara or crown instead of a hat.  After all, the design was left to the parents ;)  It could have been worn over a cap, like in the 2nd picture but Dylan chose to forego the hat on the day itself.

with T. Ressie
Before the program began, we took a picture of everyone with their fruits/vegetables-inspired creations!  You know with kids, when they start participating in the activities it is inevitable that their costumes will end up in pieces so you have to take a picture for posterity very early on.

After singing some music to get everyone's spirits up, the kids each practiced their poses for their "Fashion Show".  

After a while, the kids were led outside by T. Ressie.  They were now headed to perform their fashion show for their senior schoolmates :)  Everyone was very enthusiastic and the energy level was high. :) Thanks Guys! :)

After, the kids went back to their own classroom for a break.  Some drank their refreshments while others ate some snacks.  When everyone was ready, they all left again for another fashion show, this time with a Grade 2 class :)  They all had fun because the other students cheered them on and participated with gusto!  Thank you guys!

All in all, the kids were tired but happy because of all the things that they did.  As a parent, I'm so proud of all of them, not just Dylan, because they all displayed their ability to follow directions, to behave in a crowd and to perform despite their anxiety.  Congratulations to Teacher Ressie and to all my co-parents!  Thank you for all your support! :)

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