Opening of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week at Dylan's school

17 July 2017

Today is the opening of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation week at Dylan's school.  All Special Education classes came together to participate in the opening ceremonies.  Dylan isn't averse to attending large gatherings and is actually pretty stable when it comes to social events so I wasn't worried.  He was actually pretty excited to participate when he found out that they were supposed to dance in front of everyone.

It was truly an enriching experience for both Dylan and me because we got to see and interact with other Special Kids and Teens and we marvel at their capacity and determination for learning!  Kudos to the kids! Thank you to to their teachers and parents for their patience and support.  The future looks bright for all of us!

The program started with a Mass.  This was Dylan's first time in the gym and we even got lost getting there haha

After the mass, there was a 30-minute break and everyone went back to their respective classrooms.  The kids ate a few snacks and practiced their dance number for the program.

When the time came, we trooped back to the gym to watch the performances and to wait till it was the kids' turn to perform.  It was a bit disappointing that some of the kids in Dylan's class couldn't join.  One was extremely sensitive to sound so he couldn't handle the loud volume of the hosts' voices and the music for the dance numbers.  Another kid was held back by his parents because he might just end up walking around (as is his way) and be troublesome at the event.

Anyway, we waited in our spot while watching the performances of the different classes.

All the teachers and faculty were also introduced.  I didn't know that there were so many SPED Teachers in the school!

Finally, it was Dylan's class' turn at the stage.  Some of the older kids were there to support them during their dance.  Suffice to say, they were well-received and even the other younger kids started to dance with them.  Apparently, people really love the Gummy Bear song :)

All smiles and they all appeared to be recharged after the dance.  That's what comes from  enjoying what they're doing!

A funny thing happened when the next class started their performance.  When their music started playing, these kids immediately stood up and went to the corner to dance.  They usually watch the movie "Trolls" when they have a break in school or when Teacher Ressie wants to calm them down.  When the song "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake came on, they couldn't contain themselves.

After their exhausting dance moves, we only waited a short while till the program ended.  We, then went back to the classroom for a "salu-salo" or a get-together.  It was a potluck served by the parents and we were all full by the end!  Dylan loved the chicken and the spaghetti :)

I am so appreciative of all the effort and work that SPED teachers do for Dylan and the other kids.  It's not easy.  They get bitten, hit, pinched and they continually have to run after other kids who can't keep still.  Yet, watching all these kids perform their very best, it just makes everything worthwhile, doesn't it?  :)

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