Dylan's first Earthquake Drill in School

29 June 2017

Today is the scheduled Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill.  To be honest, I completely forgot about it until we got to Dylan's school.  Dylan and I always make it a point to be early in school so we arrived at 2PM.  As we went through the gate, we clearly heard the sound of an alarm blaring and I knew immediately that it was the start of a fire/earthquake drill.

At first, we weren't sure whether we should even participate since his class isn't due to begin yet but I thought if it were a real event, then I decided that Dylan should know what to do so we just waited for a while near the other students.

Over the megaphone, I could hear the school guard call the attention of the other parents who were idling about.  They were told to proceed to a designated space for parents too.  I thought, "Yeah, we should know where to go especially if we're caught in the middle of it."  But I think that some parents weren't really into it.  :)

Anyway, Dylan sat with the other Kindergarten students.  I instructed him to follow what they're doing.  I told him it was the "Duck and Cover" position.  He immediately picked up on covering his head with his notebook saying that it was to protect himself from things falling on his head.  Good Job Dylan!

It was a pretty big school so it took them 5 minutes to get everyone outside and around the grounds.  There were some students who were sneaking out and trying to go back to their class but the teachers surrounding them called them out haha

Everyone calmly went back to their respective classrooms after that.

Things were back to normal in a few minutes too.

All in all, it was a good experience for Dylan and I hope he remembers it.  It actually made me wonder what happens to all the SPED students during a situation like this.  Huh.

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