Mom-daughter bonding at the "Doodling and Lettering" workshop presented by the National Museum and Dong-A

18 May 2017

As part of the National Museum of the Philippines' celebration of International Museum Day as well as a post-Mother's Day activity, the National Museum in partnership with Dong-A Philippines sponsored the Doodling and Lettering for Mothers" workshop and Dana and I had the privilege to attend.  We learned new tricks and were challenged to test our artistic capabilities.  :)

It's always interesting what the National Museum of the Philippines comes up with in terms of their activities.  I was immediately interested when they posted this event as a post-Mother's day celebration and it was also a good thing that they let Dana attend it with me.  Honestly, this activity was more right up her alley than mine since I had very little artistic tendencies, being such a linear person. But it was a great bonding activity between us :)

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We arrived around 1230PM at the Museum which was quite early because I was counting on traffic but there wasn't which was surprising :) So, when we got there, we stood in line at the registration area at the Main Gallery, thinking that we'll follow the same procedure.  But, after informing the attendant that we were there for the Doodling and Lettering workshop, we were told to proceed to the North Annex where the Auditorium was.  He gave us instructions:  
  • Take the elevator and go to the Ground Floor. 
  • When you exit the elevator, follow the hall and Turn Right at the end.  I kind of got mixed up and went to the end of the hall, where there was an Exit sign haha
  • When you turn Right, you'll end up in a hallway of the Fine Arts Repository.  
  • Next, you have to Turn Left and walk a short distance to get to the Auditorium.  
There are a few signs leading to the Auditorium.

When we got there, it was like it was just the two of us haha So we took the time to take some pictures.

We entered the auditorium and the guys from Dong-A Philippines were already there.  They just told us to take our seats because we still have a while to wait for the others :)

We also read the program so we know what to expect during the workshop.

The workshop began after the registration, with Mr. Hansel as the Emcee.  Fine Arts Curator Ms. Ceres Canilao opened with the Welcome Remarks on behalf of the Assistant Director.


The Facilitator for the Doodling and Lettering Workshop is Ms. Creselle Rosario, a BA in Fine Arts/Advertising Arts graduate from the University of Caloocan.  She specializes in typography and illustration.  She is the Dong-A Team Leader.

In her introduction, she mentioned that Dong-A's mission is to help and guide today's participants to bring out their creativity through Art.  She also introduced the Dong-A Hi-Glider 100, our tool for today.  It is quick-drying, super-smooth with light-writing feeling.  It is also non-toxic and available in 10 vivid colors.

There was quite an attendance and each participant was given one Dong-A Hi-Glider 100 to use.  If we wanted to add other colors to our work, we could ask our fellow participants if they wanted to exchange pens during the activity. 

Ms. Cress began the actual workshop with a definition of Doodling and Lettering.  Doodling is an action which means to draw randomly while making use of design structures.  Lettering is basically the same thing except that you're using letters as a base for the art.

First Activity - Basic Elements and Principles of Design

Our first activity involved getting to know the Basic Elements and Principles of Design.  It was a simple lecture, with some participants getting freebies for knowing some of these elements. :)

For every element and principle, we were tasked to create our own version of it.  So we were asked to draw the following Basic Elements of Design:
  • lines - connections between two points
  • shapes - connections between 3 points and more
  • sizes - to create emphasis
  • texture - to create definition
  • color - with a short discussion on primary, secondary and tertiary colors
Same with the Principles of Design:
  • balance - symmetry and asymmetry
  • gradation - perspective
  • repetition
  • variation
  • contrast
Each task was explained via this board with a demonstration by Ms. Cress.  The 2nd board showcases the examples that we were to follow.  There was also a graphic projection so that others in the back of the room can also see.

This was our attempt at Art.  Don't laugh but mine (with the purple ink) really sucks! hahaha After the task, these papers or Works of Art were collected.

Second Activity - Zentangle

Our next activity was called "Zentangle" which means a relaxing way of creating images using structured patterns.  Examples were shown on the wall.  They were similar to the popular adult coloring books that help adults relax as they color.

So, our task was to create our own piece using the elements and principles we have learned from the first activity.  We were given 30 minutes to create.  :) Then these were collected as well.  Honestly, I don't have any talent at all.  When I saw the works that other people made, I was floored.  Mine was so small while they used up all of the space on their paper! LOL

Mine (left), Dana's (Right)
Third Activity - Lettering

The third and final activity was Lettering.  There were three types of Lettering:
  • Typography which is the art of arranging "types" using a digital or computerized method
  • Lettering, which is mostly manual, usually involves markers and pens to create artistic letter styles
  • Calligraphy, is another handwritten form of lettering art but is mostly achieved using brushes, with defining strokes.
There are also different types of Lettering Art:
  • Roman (Serif) - which means there is a small flourish at the end of every stroke
  • Gothic (San Serif) - which is the opposite of Roman, meaning there is no flourish
  • Script - in our language is "Dikit-Dikit"
  • Decorative - which is what some of our modern fonts look like, or what happens when you elaborate on a certain lettering type
After showing us these examples, we were now asked to create our own art from the first letter of our name.  Right, I was at a loss!  Meanwhile, Dana just dived in and started drawing! haha

Mine was a really pathetic rendition... While I just sat there, I couldn't think of one word that started with "R".  Dana even commented, "Why do you have a ladder there?" haha It was supposed to be a railroad track LOL

But I have to give props to Dana for her creation! :)  Then, these were collected as well.

Intermission and Awarding of Prizes

Okay, so the reason why they collected all the art works was so they can judge them and give prizes at the end of the workshop.  So, while they were busy judging our pieces, there was a Bring Me" game and winners get prizes like Dong-A pens.  Dana won twice, primarily because she was close and she was fast.  There was also an intermission number where some participants came up and sang and got prizes as well. 

Then came the awarding of prizes.  Five participants got to win for the three categories.  Dana was lucky enough to win in the Lettering category.  She was surprised because she didn't expect to win.  I was one proud Mom!

Winners - Basic Elements and Principles of Design
Winners - Zentangle
Winners - Lettering
So midway during the awarding of prizes, we had to stop to make way for the closing remarks and the awarding of the Certificate of Appreciation to Ms. Cress by Assistant Director Ana Labrador.  Since the workshop coincided with International Museum Day, the schedules were hectic and we had to adjust.  It's no big deal :)

After, we just continued with the awarding.  And so the workshop concluded with a group photo to commemorate the activity.  Naturally, I wasn't able to take a photo so I'll wait until the National Museum posts it on their page haha

We left the National Museum feeling light-hearted and accomplished from the activity :) Oh we also got Certificates of Attendance too :)

These were the prizes that Dana got from the Bring Me game - 3 pens for each game for a total of 6 because she won twice.  And the rest are her prizes for the Lettering category.

I just wanted to thank the National Museum of the Philippines and Dong-A for hosting this workshop.  It was highly educational and practical not just because we can use this new skill for helping our kids with their arts projects but also as a stress-reliever when we need to take a break from our hectic chores and lives :)

Looking forward to more activities like these! :) 

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