The Hyundai Veloster, Ma Mon Luk and walking around SM Mall of Asia

23 April 2017

So Patrick has had the Hyundai Veloster for the week and this is the last day we're able to ride in it as a family.  We took it for a ride to the 2017 Trans Sport Show.  This post is about the day that we had - dining at Ma Mon Luk and stuff we bought while walking around SM Mall of Asia after we took a break from the Trans Sport Show.

When the kids first rode in the Hyundai Veloster, they were so excited when they came back and couldn't stop talking about how there were only 3 doors haha I didn't really think much of it since I figured there were two doors in front and the door to the trunk.  It turned out that there were two doors in front and just one for the rear! haha  There was only one backseat door and it was on the right side. Weird, right? :) But, come to think of it, this is actually safer for passengers since they can safely exit the vehicle on the right side.  Oh and the driver's side door is larger than the others.

The kids also couldn't stop talking about the fact that there were no door handles.  Well, of course there was but it was kind of like in "stealth" mode haha Can you see the handle in the picture? ;)  

Oh and I was also weirded out by this door handle.  Honestly, it stands out! haha  But, to be fair, it was actually comfortable to hold :)

And yes, who doesn't like having a panoramic sun roof? ;)  I like this car! :)

So anyway, our first stop of the day was at Ma Mon Luk along Quezon Avenue.  I've often asked Patrick to take us back here but we've had several unfortunate trips because whenever we arrive at the place, there was no room to park and we'd end up going home.  He surprised us when we headed straight here today.  He reasoned that since it was Sunday, and a little after lunch, he figured that there were going to be less customers and hopefully more parking spaces.  He was right! :)  So we feasted on their Original Mami (beef and chicken noodles) and their famous siopao! yum!

After, we headed straight to SM Mall of Asia to attend the 2017 Trans Sport Show.  Patrick had to remain behind since Carmudi had a booth and he was supposed to man it.  We took a break and walked around SM Mall of Asia.

Our first stop was Comic Alley since we knew they had new products.  Dana bought a Yuri on Ice mouse pad.  She couldn't decide between Viktor and Yuri hahaha I was looking at their Naruto bracelets and actually hung onto one but my eye landed on this Vampire Knight necklace.  Eventually, after much deliberation, I bought the Vampire Knight necklace since it was a rare find :)

Close to the Comic Alley store was another of our favorite hang outs, Book Sale.  Since Dana was able to buy something for herself, I told Dylan that he could choose a book of the same amount as Dana's purchase.  He selected this book that lets you stick the magnetic letters on the book.  I figured he can also use the letters separately for creating new words.  We were actually getting ready to pay for his book when he caught our attention when he said, "Ate, look!  A Doctor Who book!"  He pointed out this Doctor Who "The Encyclopedia" which was relatively hidden under other books.  We were so surprised because we didn't even see it! We immediately included it in our purchases because it was a steal at P270! :)

Going around, we also went into Forever 21 and chanced upon this "Buy 2 for P250" bargain on cami shirts.  Dana can use this for school :)

Later, we killed time by resting and watching the sunset over Manila Bay.  Naturally, there were a lot of people and you have to share the bayside with couples and other families.

On the bridge walkway, we decided to take another picture from this vantage point haha

We headed back to the Trans Sport Show to meet up with Patrick.  He also had a great day because he unexpectedly met up with friends from HS and College during the event.

We had dinner on the way home at Max's but no pictures because we just ate and went home hahaha

We were so tired our feet were aching but our bellies were full and we sure had a lot of fun! :)

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