Summer Swimming with the family at Eastridge Athletic Park

13 April 2017

The best outings are those that happen unexpectedly.  As is the case today when we went to Eastridge Athletic Park for a day of swimming simply because my sister Sha and her family were already there!  She did mention that today might be the ideal time to meet up for the summer but we never actually finalized any plans.  The Eastridge Athletic Park is located within the Eastridge Golf Club development in Binangonan Rizal.  We were only able to get in because we were guests of  a member but we had to pay an entrance fee of P200/head (adult) and P100/head (child) which I think were reasonable enough rates.  We were able to bring in food and beverage (no corkage).

Holy Week is sure different now compared to when I was a kid.  It seems that now it's synonymous to holiday breaks with the family when before, I had no choice but to be confined to the house with no other form of activity except watching The Ten Commandments because everywhere else is closed.  That's after I've accompanied my Mom to our parish and done our Catholic traditions for the Lenten season.  Now, the roads were full with people going out of town.  Fast food restaurants were also full of families and friends with the vacation vibe.

Anyway,   like I said, this swimming day out wasn't exactly planned.  I just saw that my sister and her family where at the pool and I asked if we could join them.  So here we were! This was the first time for us to visit this area but it's easy enough to find if you're familiar with the Thunderbird Resorts because it's quite nearby.  Waze also proved to be a big help since we were able to evade the crowd headed to the Antipolo Church.  Oh and we had the Toyota 86 for our ride!

The Eastridge Athletic Park is essentially an outdoor and recreation destination that has a golf course, bike trails, a shooting range, tennis courts and several swimming pools.  For today, we were only interested in and spent all of our time at the swimming pools.  There were several to choose from, varying in depth from kiddie-level to diving levels.  There was also a huge slide which the older kids loved.

Dana on the giant slide
Where is she? Oh, she's underwater! :)

Kiddie pools & Cabanas (background)

What we loved about the place was how cool it was.  And by cool, I mean the breeze and the temperature :)

I really appreciated how big the pools were.  There were quite a few families and groups that were there with us but it didn't seem that the place was crowded because the pools were huge.  But, my only problem was the bathrooms because they were very tight and not really up to par with the establishment.  In the Ladies bathroom, there was one cubicle for showering (2 shower heads inside), 2 cubicles for changing and one cubicle with a toilet.  Granted, there were plenty of outdoor showers if you're not averse to literally bathing in public.  That single toilet was a problem because sometimes it's also being used as a changing room.  If you really need to pee or do the other thing (#2) then you have to wait a while.  I only saw one other Ladies restroom which had the same configuration, except that this only had one changing room.  So, you can just imagine the number of people who have to use it at the same time, it's crazy!  But, since we arrived a bit later in the afternoon, we were probably one of the last ones to leave so we didn't have to wait a long time for our turn in the bathrooms.

Anyway, once everyone was done packing their stuff, we all headed to the parking lot for the mandatory end-of-trip pictures :)

 It was a tiring day and to end it, we had dinner at Tapsi ni Vivian in Quezon City (which was on our way home).  This was the first time here and we really loved their tapsilog :)  We stayed at the nipa hut (kubo in Tagalog) areas and it was a novelty for the kids :)

I wish I could give you solid directions going to the Eastridge Athletic Park but we really left it to Waze and I couldn't keep track of the roads that we passed because there were no road signs.

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