Our first trip to UP Town Center

07 April 2017

Another food craving for Rodic's Tapsilog yielded a surprise trip to UP Town Center. Whenever we pass by the area, Patrick always wishes to visit the new shopping destination but we've always run out of time.  Today, he finally fulfilled his wish and we spent about three hours just walking around the place and visiting the shops.

Onboard the Toyota 86 (which we call Kratos 2.0), we had an early dinner at our favorite Tapsilog place in UP Diliman, Rodic's Diner. We had our usual Tapsilog and it still fills the tummy with its delicious goodness!

After, I thought we would drop by the Chocolate Kiss Cafe (also in the UP area) for desserts as is our custom.  But Patrick said no.  I thought we were headed home immediately because he has been under the weather due to asthma for the past few days.

But to our surprise, we headed to the UP Town Center, along Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Q.C.  He couldn't resist taking this shot when we got there.

I honestly liked the open-air layout.  It kind of reminded me about the vibe and feel of the Ayala Malls the 30th (hehe) considering both malls are both under the Ayala group.  Though there are the regular staples at malls like Uniqlo and H&M and fastfood joints Jollibee, McDonald's and Burger King, there are a good number of high-end shops and visibly entrepreneurial businesses.

The Amphitheater, at that time, was bountiful of arts and crafts, artisan delicacies and various knickknacks because of the Silk Street Bazaar.  Dana was attracted to the Fried Ice Cream from the CreamCo Creamery.  She chose the Hazelnut concoction (P130) and it was scrumptious!

Dylan on the other hand found this staircase entertaining.

So while Dana was contentedly munching on her ice cream, we all walked around some more. I'm sorry that I can't specifically say which way we walked because it was confusing to me (I have a weak sense of direction).  But I do know that they have a Merkado Supermarket and a Metro Department Store.

The kids couldn't resist taking a picture with this minion just outside the Wonderbake store (which smells so good!).

Walking around can be taxing and even though we just had dinner, I was surprised when Patrick suggested we eat cake.  It turns out we were already standing outside the UP Town Center branch of the Chocolate Kiss Cafe hahaha which is why he didn't take us to the one in UP Diliman! :) Sneaky!

Dylan chose this Quezo Chiffon Cake.  

Dana went for the Blueberry Cheesecake.

 Patrick chose the house specialty, Carbonara. :)

I had the Devil's Food Cake which I ended up switching with Dylan because he was weirded out by all the cheese on the cake.  In the end, he also didn't want to eat the cake that's next to the icing on his chocolate cake! :)

To burn all those calories, we walked around some more.  Believe me, you'll do a lot of walking around while you're here.  We stopped at this activity area.  It was originally set up for an event but we made use of these couches to rest.  The kids went to the Lego Store just across it.

It was a short trip but we were full and happy.  Maybe we'll make another trip that will let us explore the UP Town Center more. 

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