Manila Ocean Park 2016: The World of Creepy Crawlies

13 October 2016

We now arrived at the World of Creepy Crawlies from the Jellies Exhibit.  So, from the 2nd Floor, we just took the escalator to go down, past the stores and another Food Court.  At first, I didn't want to go to this attraction because I just had the fright of my life at the All-Star Bird Show and I was still reeling from it.  I didn't want to subject myself to seeing more reptiles up close.  Dana, also didn't want to go in if I didn't want to.

But, this was part of the package we paid for and I felt that it would be a waste if we didn't go.  So, mustering my strength and courage, we all trooped in :)

Funny enough, we took around 30 minutes to go through all the creatures in this exhibit, despite our fear of some of the animals.

The World of Creepy Crawlies opens at 10AM (M-F) or 9AM (Sat, Sun and Holidays) and last entry is at 6:15PM.

The World of Creepy Crawlies, as you can imagine, is dedicated to bugs, insects, spiders, snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs and other reptiles and creatures.   The collection they have here is astounding and there are creatures here that I've never even seen before.  I'm glad I made myself go. I'll just let you go through the pictures below.  I've tried to put the names of the animals as best as I could.

Snake-necked turtles
Green bottle blue tarantula
Leopard Gecko
Curly-tailed lizard
Curly-tailed lizard
There were also different types of tiny frogs.  They were so tiny, it was hard to see them in their habitats.  (L-R) Golden Poison Dart Frogs, Yellow-banded poison frog, (UR) Green and Black poison dart frog, Orange and Black Poison Dart Frog and Phantasmal poison frogs.  You need to move closer to the glass to see them.  

You'll find more reptiles like these :


Egg-eating snake
Veiled chameleon
Monitor Lizard
Another basilisk
With the Mata Mata turtle, it took us a while to decipher which end is the head haha But naturally, that hard shell is unmistakable.  It's just that it's head is different from what we know turtles to be.
Mata Mata Turtle
 Here is another weird looking creature - the Surinam Toad.  It looks like a leaf in water.  While writing this post, I searched for more info about it and found out that it gives birth to baby frogs through its back! Wow! Incredible! :)

The Surinam Toad
There was also a large open terrarium in the center of the exhibit.  This little fellow was in it.  Rather, there was a family of these Skinks in it.  I didn't dare move close to them for fear of them jumping up on me because their area was open :)

More reptiles!

Knight Anole
Tomato Frog
Bearded Dragons
There was also a number of different snakes on display.

Near the snakes there was a display in the middle with these rare creatures.

Albino Bull Frog
Giant Millipede
Land Crab

I've compiled a short video of clips of the animals that were moving.  They are of the snake-necked turtle, golden poison dart frogs, egg-eating snake, legless lizard, and the frog-eyed gecko.  The voice you'll hear is of Dana who was taking the videos :)

There was also a section there that we initially thought was just out of service or not available but it turned out, upon closer inspection, that it housed scorpions!  The reason that it was dark was that you can't see them come out if there was light.  The scorpions themselves were like "glow-in-the-dark" because of the black light used to illuminate them.  It made it hard to take photos of them though.

There was also a cockroach display with some specimens in jars.  The ceiling in that display had a lot of cockroaches on it.  Dana feared going there :)  But I think they were just fake :)

I am glad that I went inside this exhibit. I learned a lot and made me go on the Internet to discover more.  This is what is important.  I hope you can do the same when it's your turn :)

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