Manila Ocean Park 2016: Symphony Evening Show

13 October 2016

We are nearing the end of these posts about Manila Ocean Park.  Our last attraction for the day was the Symphony Evening Show.  It is a musical show featuring huge water fountains that shoot water straight up in the air, light displays on water and fire and fireworks.

The last show started at 7:15PM, although there was one before that at 630PM.  It lasts around 30 minutes.

After a full day of walking and touring and with only a snack to sustain us, we took a break for dinner at the North Park restaurant inside Manila Ocean Park.  We had about an hour to finish our dinner before we went to the Symphony Evening Show.

After we finished our meal, we left Patrick at the restaurant since he wasn't feeling up to watching the show.  The exhaustion has finally taken its toll on him.  We headed to the venue for the show and saw people lined up for the last show of the night.  It wasn't a long wait and there was still energy among the people waiting who were excited to watch the show.

It was just too bad that all of our gadgets ran out of battery because of the full day we had.  We barely eked out these photos and videos.

Here are the videos :

This truly was a memorable birthday.  I'm glad that Manila Ocean Park offered a Birthday Package promo otherwise I wouldn't have been able to bring my family with me to see all these wonderful attractions.  By the time that we were able to take a picture at this sign, they turned off the lights because it was past 8PM already haha

Here's the souvenir photo from my Snake encounter haha  These photos cost P200 each but if you want the whole collection of photos in a CD, it costs P400.

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