Manila Ocean Park 2016: Trails to Antarctica

13 October 2016

Our next stop happened to be the Trails to Antarctica, but technically, it wasn't on our list.  However, we needed to pass through this hallway to get to the other side (took us 5 minutes).  This hallway showcases the Penguin Exhibit and leads to the Snow Village.  You'll actually see the hallway being divided into two lanes as you walk further.

The 'Trails to Antarctica" is open 10AM to 8PM (M-F) and 9AM to 8PM (Sat, Sun and Holidays).  Last entry is at 7:15PM

The kids enjoyed pretending it was cold in the tiny alcove of  "snow" near the entrance.

 Just had to take a picture of this "A Day in the Life" of an explorer/scientist in Antarctica :)

This wall of facts about penguins was actually in front of the lane heading towards the Snow Village.  We made a mistake lining up and had to get out of the lane (it was on the left).  

The lane on the right leads to the exit from the Trails to Antarctica and onto the souvenir shop, Food Court and shopping kiosks.

Looking back at the Guide Map and trying to re-trace our steps from memory, now that I'm writing this post, there really is no way for us to go to Yexel's Museum without passing Trails to Antarctica, since we were coming from the Oceanarium and the Fish Spa.  It would mean going back down and re-entering the Oceanarium to get out the way we came in.  And since, they don't allow re-entry to an attraction, that route is not possible.

However, if you're coming from the Jellies Exhibit, the World of Creepy Crawlies, or the Penguin Talk Show, then you don't need to pass the Trails of Antarctica because there's an escalator that leads directly to Yexel's Museum from these attractions.

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