Attended the Unmei Expo 2016: Career and Study Fair for Japanese Language Enthusiasts

16  October 2016

For someone who's interested in learning the Japanese language attending the Unmei Expo 2016 at the SMX in SM Mall of Asia is a must. It is the venue where Japanese schools and potential Japanese employers converge to give students and interested parties a chance to find out what's in store for the future for someone who's well-versed in the Japanese language.  It was held today, October 16, and Dana and I checked it out :)

Ticket prices to the Unmei Expo 2016 was pegged at P125.  We bought our tickets at the event, which was held at Function Room 1 (2nd Floor) at the SMX.

There was a registration table outside of the venue.  Upon entering, we were told to hang on to our tickets because there was an ongoing raffle and we could get lucky and win prizes.  :)

The Unmei Expo 2016 was produced and organized by the Unmei Nihonggo Center, the Number One Japanese Learning Center in the Philippines.

"The UNMEI EXPO 2016 is a celebration of Japanese language and culture with a focus on the learners and speakers of the Japanese language. The main objective of the event is to bring the key players together in one venue (SMX MOA) for productive networking and linkages, creating and disseminating information for selected job seekers and employers, prospective students and partner schools in Japan. "

Here are just some of the participants in the Unmei Expo 2016:

The Unmei Shop
Unmei Nihonggo Center
Godspeed Travel and Tours

I'm proud of my friend Erlinda Isomura, the President of IPS Corporation, who is one of the major sponsors in this event.  This booth is theirs.  They specialize in Teacher Training for ALT (Assistant Language Teacher posts in Japan.  They also offer interpretation services, translation services and language training for aspiring teachers.  Those who want to go to Japan may also contact them for visa services.

At the center of the venue is this "Sakura Tree" 

Japanese potential employers and companies were also well-represented by SuperCourt, Fujitsu and Accenture and 3M (not in picture), all of which are major sponsors of the event.

Philippine schools were also present:  Colegio de San Juan de Letran, UP Diliman/Manila/Los Banos and Adamson University.

Dana and I made a beeline for the Yokohama Design College because it had anime and manga courses, which Dana is naturally inclined to (at the moment).  We were able to know more about what possible courses are offered, not just for drawing manga but also in studying the Japanese Language in Japan.  

It was fortunate that we were also just in time to participate in a lecture on "Screentoning", conducted by its Assistant General Manager, Kanae Watanabe.  A "screentone" is the technique of applying textures and shading to drawings using pre-printed sheets.   

After the demonstration, we walked up to the Unmei Nihonggo Center Activity Booth where Dana learned how to write her name in Japanese.  Her name was so easy to write haha only two characters :)  They also offered demonstrations on creating Origami but Dana already knows that because she has an origami book at home :)

Next, we watched the presentation from the Osaka Bunka Kokusai Gakkou.  It was educational but fun.  The host showed different pictures of animals on screen and subsequently asked members of the audience to  say what each animal sounds like, first in Tagalog then in Japanese. For anime and manga fans, this test was easy enough and there was a lot of audience participation :) 

We also stayed for the raffle, with prizes from one of the event's sponsors - Daiso Japan.  There were a lot of numbers called but either their owners didn't hear their numbers being called out or they weren't around.  The closest we got to winning was when a ticket number was called out and it was only 3 digits away from ours, which meant that the person who won was 3 people behind us in line haha.

After the OBKG presentation, RareJob was next.  The presenter talked about the prospects and benefits of working as a part-time or full-time online English Tutor for the Japanese.  I know someone who works as a part-time online instructor so this part of the expo was interesting for me.

Dana and I also took some time to walk around the venue and see what else is on hand.  There were these candy pastillas - edible flower arrangements from Sweet Blooms:)

There were these anime-inspired goodies :)

Food and refreshments were provided by Yoshinoya (behind us), Kyotako Takoyaki, Sweet Sisterakas and Lemontastic.

Dana and I also enjoyed the "Guess the Anime" contest.  5 pairs competed against each other in identifying the anime which the character they flashed on screen was from.  The twist was, before they get to say the answers, one team member must down a spoonful of calamansi extract!  That was tough.  We were so into it because we were also trying to identify the anime that we forgot to take pictures haha

While we were inside, Dylan took a picture at the bridge too :)

We weren't able to stay for the whole event.  I believe the Grand Finals for the Anime and J-Pop Singing Competition was held later after we left.

I'm glad we were able to attend the Unmei Expo 2016.  This was a different kind of opportunity not just for me but for Dana.  It's like the whole world is opening up to her, starting with Japan and I hope that this will inspire her to pursue what she loves, knowing that the future is easily within her grasp :)

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