A taste of Ramen Kuroda at Mezza Residences

07 October 2016

If you follow my blog, you'll know that our family loves Japanese ramen.  We're always on the lookout for affordable yet delicious Japanese ramen throughout the metro.  We consider it good fortune to find some that are within the vicinity of our residence too.  That is why we were ecstatic when we found Ramen Kuroda at the Mezza Residences in Sta. Mesa, Quezon City.  

Do you sometimes get that compulsion to eat your favorite food for no reason at all?  Well, that happened today and it was like I could just taste it, you know?  I've always planned to try the food at Ramen Kuroda at Mezza Residences because I've heard great reviews about the food from friends who keep going back to it (in other branches too).  So, I thought, okay, let's do this!

We arrived at Ramen Kuroda - Mezza around 6PM.  It was actually the right time as the restaurant was expecting the dinner crowd so we were still able to get seated immediately.  The restaurant was well-lit with their main dishes on huge photographs on the wall.  Looking at them is guaranteed to make you salivate over their ramen :)

Our servers were very attentive and helpful with the menu.  They knew their stuff.  It wasn't hard to choose because we knew we wanted ramen so it was really just deciding on what kind of ramen.  Ramen Kuroda has three types of Tonkotsu ramen:  Shiro, the basic Tonkotsu broth; Kuro, the classic ramen broth featuring a special roasted/toasted garlic flavor; and Aka, the spicy variant.  You can also opt to go for the meatier dish, the Chashumen, which contains 300% more chashu meat.

So, Dana ordered the Shiro (White) Tonkotsu Ramen.  It came with homemade noodles, a half-egg, a slice of chashu meat and garnish.  It cost P180,  She really loved it!  In fact, nothing was left in her bowl.  She really slurpped everything!  I tasted it too but by then, I had the taste of the strong Kuro ramen on my tongue so the Shiro seemed bland in comparison.  But, if I had tasted it first, I would probably still love it because it has the same Tonkotsu base, so it's still thick, meaty and delicious.

I ordered the Kuro (Black) Tonkotsu Ramen.  It came with homemade wheat noodles, half an egg, garnish and the delectable roasted garlic oil/special sauce. It cost P180.  This was such a delight to eat because there was so much going on it that dish! It was a strong, strong flavor that it hits you from the moment the aroma reaches your nose.  The smell of garlic is tantalizing and then you get the taste on your tongue.  Double Whammy! :)  The chashu also has its own taste.  In some ramen that I've tasted, the flavor was all in the soup and the pork has no flavor at all.  With this bowl, the meat is its own dish, really!  I loved it because I like strong flavors.  Dylan didn't like it as much because it was too much for him.  He preferred the Shiro.

Patrick went for the Aka Chashumen.  It was the spicy variant but with 3x more meat.  It cost P230.  Since Patrick's tastes are extreme, he found the spiciness average, but when I tasted it, it was spicy enough for me.  So, I guess it really depends on your taste buds :)

We also ordered California Maki (it was gone so fast, the photo was delayed!).  It was so good but it was pricey at P260 per order.  There were only 6 pieces but were big enough you'll have a hard time eating them whole.

The meal will not be complete without gyoza.  4 pieces for P100.  They were flavorful but I would have preferred them to be softer, less crunchy :)

We enjoyed our food so much that we're contemplating on going to Lucky Chinatown and avail of their Unlimited Noodle promo there hahaha

 Dylan couldn't resist mimicking the pose outside the resto :)

Ramen Kuroda:  An affordable alternative if you want authentic Japanese ramen that's right in the heart of the Metro. :)

G/F The Strip at Mezza, Aurora Blvd. Araneta Avenue Quezon City, Philippines
Operating Hours : Monday to Sunday :9:00~ 22:00 (LO22:00)
Open On Mondays to Sundays and Public Holidays

Check for their other locations.

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