A Baskin-Robbins Sundae Treat for the kids at Uptown Mall, BGC

12 October 2016

So, we were walking around aimlessly in Uptown Mall and the kids and I saw Baskin-Robbins along the way!  The kids were so excited because they know the brand from the movie, "Ant-Man".  Baskin-Robbins was where the character played by Paul Rudd, Scott Lang, used to work.  In honor of Ant-Man and of course, because we love ice cream, we tried it out :)

As this was the first time we're trying out Baskin-Robbins, we took the time to figure out what specifically could we order.  They have "Scoops of Joy" which allows you to choose your scoop (Single) or scoops (Double or Triple) of ice cream from their fantastic flavors.  A Junior Scoop is a small-sized scoop of ice cream that can be put into a cup, cone, or waffle cone.  A Regular or Value Scoop is a slightly big-sized scoop for a cup, cone or waffle cone. Prices range from P85 to P300 per order, depending on your number of scoops, your size of scoop and choice of placement (cup, cone or waffle).

The kids were attracted by the "Build Your Own Sundae" sign.  This is how it works:

Step 1:  Choose how many scoops you want and decide where to place them.  We went for 2 scoops in a cup.  Dana picked Cookies and Cream while I chose the Mint Chocolate Chip flavor :)

Here are some of the Flavors:

Step 2: Choose your favorite topping.  They have "wet" for syrups and "dry" for candies, cookies and nuts.  Dana went for the Rainbow Sprinkles.

Step 3:  They'll top it with whipped cream, a whole cherry and chopped almonds.

Final Step:  You pay for it at the counter haha

And there it is :)  You may think it's small for two scoops, but the ice cream is really rich and just a small scoop of it really fills your mouth with a lot of flavor.

Dylan actually doesn't like ice cream as much as we do but he was willing to taste.  Unfortunately, he chose to taste the Mint Chocolate Chip and he said, "It takes like toothpaste!"haha  And, he ate the whole cherry by himself.  He said, "It tastes like medicine!" haha

Oh and when we went to Bonifacio High Street afterwards, we saw another branch there and we wanted to eat at it again haha but it was dinner time so we had to forego.  Maybe next time :)

Baskin-Robbins also has cakes for all occasions, you can customize them if you want.  And they have "Pink Day" every Wednesday, which means that if you show something PINK, you get a free Junior Scoop with every double junior scoop purchase.  Unfortunately, we didn't have anything pink with us that time Promo runs until December 31, 2016.

Baskin-Robbins Facebook page:  BaskinRobbinsPH
Baskin-Robbins Website:  www.baskinrobbins.ph

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