Walking around Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global City (BGC)

12 October 2016

Today, we had a case of cabin fever and we hitched a ride with Patrick who had two events to attend to, both in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig.  We normally don't get to go to this place because it's out of the way but the kids like walking along Bonifacio High Street whenever we get the chance.  This time, Patrick dropped us off at the new Uptown Mall and we just walked around and checked it out :)

We were a bit intimidated when we first reached Uptown Mall.  This was our first time to be here and we didn't really know where to go ! :)  We didn't even have a destination in mind ;)  So, we really walked around aimlessly.

We could see that construction inside the mall was in full swing, with most shops still closed except for several restaurants, the cinema, Rustan's Supermarket, and Kidzoonia.  There were four floors of shops and restaurants to visit.  There were restaurants serving al fresco dining, like Italianni's, Peperoni Pizzeria, Morganfield's House of Sticky Bones, Fely J's, Tim Ho Wan and others.

What the kids got excited about was when they saw the Baskin-Robbins dining area at the 3F.  We all immediately thought of Ant-Man serving at Baskin-Robbins and we all wanted to try their ice cream. I wrote a separate post detailing our sundae-buying experience.

After a satisfying sundae treat, we continued roaming the halls of Uptown Mall BGC.  The kids were interested in the Hello Kitty Cafe and wanted to come back when it opens.

At the Upper Ground Floor, we saw this giant Christmas tree and couldn't resist taking a picture with it. It was near the "resting" area in the middle of the upper ground floor.  I called it "resting" area because there were a lot of people just sitting on the wooden deck, as you can see from the kids' pictures.

 Also, this spot has the strongest signal for WIFI in the mall so that's also probably why people converge here.  Free Wifi is available for an hour, after that you'll have to rely on your own Internet data package. 

When we got our energy back (walking around can be tiring I tell you), we went to this art exhibit on the Upper Ground Floor.  It was right in front of the soon-to-open H & M store.

We also went to the Lower Ground Floor where we saw Rustan's Supermarket,  McDonald's, KFC, Gourdo's, All Things Baking, and an EGG (Exciting Gifts and Goodies) kiosk.

We were enticed by the dishes that were offered in the food kiosks near the supermarket.  There were sushi and sashimi at the Sushi Bar, different kinds of cheese and gourmet meats at the delicatessen and some pasta dishes as well.  

When we went in, I was overjoyed to see these nuts :)     

When we got back to the Upper Ground Floor, we went back to resting haha  Dana found a Doctor Who reference to the Vashta Nerada when she saw the multiple shadows cast by the lights. "The Vashta Nerada are ravenous hunters able to strip the meat from a body with a frightening speed and efficiency. They tend to avoid light, often concealed in patches of dark that resemble shadows, hence the general warning to 'Stay out of the shadows' if you suspect these creatures are close". 

We probably spent 2 hours walking around.  I wish that we took more pictures but, really, just expect the high end shops to be present when the mall is fully operational.  

Uptown Mall 
corner of 9th and 36th Streets
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila


  1. I can recommend also the new Clover Leaf Mall in Quezon City.

    1. Thanks for that. I actually didn't know what it was.. Good to know now :) Thanks.


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