First Stop on the way to Baguio: Petron Lakeshore, NLEX Northbound, Mexico, Pampanga

26 September 2016

Leaving as early as 6AM, it's expected that somewhere along the long NLEX route, the kids are bound to get hungry.  We avoided the crowded gas station/service facilities most proximate to the Balintawak Toll Gate and instead went straight to the Petron Lakeshore facility which was closer to the SCTEX.

Before breakfast, everyone trooped to the restrooms and we were all astounded by how clean and complete the facilities were!  They have bidets! woohoo!!

And, look at the interiors!  It's like you're in some hotel.  There was even a couch near the entrance for people who are waiting for their companions.  There was soap, water in all sinks and a working hand dryer.  I'm not too sure about the availability of tissue though because I always bring some with me so I didn't look for it there.

After the bathroom break, we went to McDonald's for some food.

Though there were some shops that were closed, their convenience store was new and pretty refreshing.  The decor was bright and cheery, very noteworthy.  The kids liked this section of the store - Freshly Baked bread courtesy of Kambal Pandesal. 

The atmosphere was very relaxed and there were hardly people about, probably because it was the last stop before getting to the SCTEX and people were jam-packed at the closer stop overs.  But I think I'd still come back to Petron Lakeshore, primarily because of the cleanliness of their toilets :)

Good Job Petron Lakeshore! :D

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