Tokyo Tokyo's new Makirrito is a Delight!

22 September 2016

When we do our grocery shopping at Robinsons Otis, most of the time we end up eating at Tokyo Tokyo because we love their dishes. First, we love Japanese food.  Second, they're delicious! and Third, they're affordable.  Also, they're convenient because they're just right there :)

On our usual jaunt for dinner after grocery shopping, we spotted something new on the menu - MAKIRRITO!  It's a maki upsized into a burrito! :)  There were two flavors - Samurai Karaage and California Tempura.  See how the kids liked them :)

Just to let you know, Dylan loves California Maki.  It's one of his favorite foods.  But, the BIG BUT, is that he has a hard time eating it because he's not proficient with chopsticks and it's even difficult to eat it with a fork.  Also, sometimes, the pieces are too big for his mouth and they crumble and fall, despite my efforts to catch them with my palm or with a plate, much to the disappointment of my little boy.

So, the Makirrito from Tokyo Tokyo is a godsend!  It's like killing two birds with one stone.  Having both a Maki and a Burrito in one :) It's easier to handle, easier to eat and best of all it TASTES GOOD!  Dylan is one happy kid :)

And, because one order arrives with two pieces (they're the two halves of the Makirrito), Dana also gets one :)  But, of course, that's not enough for her so she also has her own order, and she tried the Samurai Karaage.

That time, we asked for two orders of California Tempura Makirrito.  But, we were told that they can only make one, so instead we went for the Samurai Karaage.  In a way, that was good because we could get to taste both products.

We weren't able to take a picture of the Samurai Karaage because it arrived late and we just had to take it home.

This is the California Tempura Makirrito which costs P100.

We can't wait to get our hands on these again :)

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