Daniel's 2nd birthday at Philamlife Village Clubhouse, Las Pinas

25 September 2016

We went to Philamlife Village Clubhouse in Las Pinas to celebrate Daniel's 2nd birthday.  We've always considered our family lucky for being invited to Brian and Donna's celebratory milestones with Daniel, their child.  So, the venue may be far and it may have been a long drive but the journey was definitely worth it. Thanks Brian and Donna for always inviting us to your celebrations :)  Happy birthday Daniel! :D

We left the house at around 9AM, seeing as the party will start at 1030AM.  Knowing that traffic is always horrible in Manila, we figured that's about enough time to get to Las Pinas for the party.  Traveling via the SLEX (South Luzon Expressway) was a breeze.  The traffic started when we hit Alabang-Zapote Road.   But we overcame it and arrived at the party safe and sound :)

As usual, the venue was on point.  It was big, lots of parking, and well-ventilated.  From Daniel's previous birthday bash, we kind of expected that the party will be exemplary and we weren't disappointed.  As soon as we entered the venue, the kids were amazed at the number of scrumptious food carts serving a variety of snacks for kids and adults alike.  Dana and Dylan couldn't actually decide which one they wanted to try first.  The food kiosks:  Famous Belgian Waffles, Churros, Potato Corner, Fruitas, Corn Dog, Nachos, Fruits in Ice Cream and a Dessert stand.

As you can see, we had a lovely time partaking of the food carts' many offerings.  Dylan naturally had some Potato Corner fries.  Dana and Patrick went for the Belgian waffles (with Hazelnut filling).  I went for the corn dog (too bad I didn't get a photo haha) Then we also shared 2 servings of churros!  Patrick also couldn't resist the lure of the nachos and Dana had a scoop of Ice Cream.

While adults spent their time chatting, kids went near the stage for the games. The program started with everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to Daniel.

A party will not be complete without games.  I was actually pleased with the way the Chubster (the host) handled the games because he gave every kid a chance to win prizes.  It was very orderly and the kids were well-behaved too.

Just look at what's in store for the kids when they win! I wanted to be a kid too hahaha

Dylan won a prize during the first game where he had to look for stars underneath the chair that he was sitting on.  He was so happy he won!

At first, Dana didn't want to join in the games because she felt they were too childish.  But when it was time to guess Disney characters, she couldn't resist joining in and actually won a prize too! :)  She was so thrilled with the notebook! :)  Dylan also won a prize during this game too.

I liked the new twist on the "Bring Me" game. The host would give clues that the kids needed to figure out with the help of their parents before they can present their "treasure".  It was less rowdy and it gave a chance for everyone to come up to the stage and win.  There were games for the older kids and games for the adults too.  Then, everyone took a break for lunch.  Lunch was buffet style for adults while kids had their own Jollibee meals.  We couldn't eat as much as we wanted to because of the filling snacks we had earlier.

Pasta, Chicken, Fish Fillet, Roast Beef and Rice
After lunch, the program continued.  It was time to blow the candle!  Jollibee, Hetty and Twirlie were also there.  They performed a dance number too.

Everyone had a chance for picture taking with the mascots.

Next, there was a magic show and a puppet show courtesy of the host, The Chubster.  He was good!  The kids were all laughing with him.  He kept their attention with his antics.

After the puppet show, there were games for adults too.  Finally there was a bubble show.  It would have been more fun if the older kids didn't pop the bubbles as they formed.  The hosts were having a hard time preventing the kids from touching the bubbles, they were just too excited.  Must be all that sugar rush ;)

After the bubble show, the kids were allowed to take photos while the Bubble Master created a bubble surrounding them.  Dana actually had a similar experience when she was about 4 years old and she said it was like deja vu haha

It was such an entertaining event that we didn't know that 4 hours had passed and it was time to go.  Brian and Donna, again, thank you for inviting us.  We had an exceptionally good time.  Happy birthday Daniel! :)

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