Horseback riding at Shalan ni Kabadjo in Camp John Hay, Baguio City

27 September 2016

After a very enjoyable boating experience in Burnham Park, the kids were in very high spirits and had more energy to spare so we decided to try the Shalan ni Kabadjo Horseback Riding now that the rain has dissipated.  It's a little out of the way since we had to travel to Camp John Hay but it's got more of a nature feel to it compared to the Wright Park riding trail.  Again, we were the only ones there so it was great!

When we asked the kids if they wanted to ride their own horses, Dana naturally wanted one for herself.  Dylan, on the other hand, was scared to ride by himself, so Dana was forced to ride with him.  Had Dana ridden one on her own, we would have paid P250 for a half hour ride.  Since they were riding in tandem, we paid P300 for a half hour.  We actually wanted the trail ride but the handlers said it was very slippery and muddy because of the rains so it wasn't advisable.

There was a waiting area with chairs where riders are set up but it was kind of smelly there and we wanted to be nearer the kids as they rode around in the Riding Circle.  

There was a pasture for the other horses and we saw them actually running around for a while.  I think the horses here are healthier than the ones in Wright Park since they're not as harassed or tired ;) 

30 minutes around the riding trail was more than enough for the kids to enjoy riding a horse.  It was also nice that the horse they were given was mild-mannered and was calmly following Dana's hand on the reins.  I guess it helped that Dana and Dylan were also calm while riding otherwise that would probably throw off the horse too.

Here are some of the videos of them riding the horse, first with a guide, then without :)

Shalan ni Kabadjo is along Ordonio Drive.  We traveled two different paths to get there on separate occasions.  First, we entered Camp John Hay through South Drive near the Baguio Country Club.  We drove past the Mile Hi Center along Sheridan Drive which eventually led to Ordonio Drive.  The "Filling Station" is your landmark if you want to visit Shalan ni Kabadjo.  If you chose this path, the Filling Station is on your left side.  Shalan ni Kabadjo is immediately after that :)

The other way to Shalan ni Kabadjo is through South Drive too but via the Loakan Road.  We stayed on Loakan Road until we reached an intersection heading to Ordonio Drive with the Shalan ni Kabadjo on the RIGHT before the "Filling Station".

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