Boating in Burnham Park in Baguio

27 September 2016

Now we come to the place for kids and kids at heart - Burnham Park.  After shopping at the Baguio Public Market and ending up with 2 kilos of freshly ground coffee, the kids were excited that the rains stopped and we could visit Burnham Park.  They weren't disappointed and this was probably one of their favorite destinations on the trip.

The Burnham Dancing Fountain was a hit!  We were all standing in front of it and watching the water show.  At one point, the kids were standing too close to the fountain and when it changed pressure, they got wet! haha  Oh and Dana bought that cowboy hat from the Public Market for P150 ! :D

Even with a slight drizzle of rain, nothing can stop us from taking pictures :)

Another fountain to take pictures with.  Dylan didn't want to get too close now, he learned his lesson haha

The boating adventure is their favorite.  We looked around at the boats and were deciding which group of boats to hire.  There were many groups of boats to choose from around Burnham Lake.  There were swan boats and they were offering unlimited rides for P150.  Patrick figured he would get tired paddling so we didn't choose that one.

We eventually ended up riding this boat that was given to us for P100, unlimited time!

At first, I was riding with them but I got dizzy from the motion.  It didn't help that they were also rocking the boat to get as much reaction from me as they could.  I was also scared because I thought that the water might come into the boat (yes, I know, probably paranoia) so I asked to be brought back and they continued their paddling in the water.  Dana and Dylan had the time of their lives because they got to paddle the boat by themselves.  I think this was the first time in their lives that they ever got to paddle a boat so this was extra special.  It was great fun because they had the lake to themselves since there was hardly anyone on the water.  

We got to Burnham from the Jadewell Parking lot along Harrison Road.  There was a path next to the Ganza Restaurant that led to Lake Drive.  We just crossed the street to get to the Burnham Dancing Fountain and from there we just walked the length of Burnham Lake to look at the available boats.

Here are some of the videos that we took:

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