Dinner at Iguana's in Clark to cap off our Baguio Trip

28 September 2016

We knew that when we left Baguio around lunchtime, it would probably be dinner time when we reached Clark.  That meant having the opportunity to dine at our favorite restaurant in Clark - Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food.

It's hard to say goodbye to Baguio because we had so much fun during the 3 days that we spent here.  Since we had a pretty full 2nd Day, our last day was spent lounging in our room in our hotel.  We woke up later than usual because we were shopping at the Night Market in Harrison Road.  We just savored the cool climate while cuddling in our beds while anticipating our dinner at Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food in Clark:)

Oh and look at the sun!  For a while there, there was a bit of sunlight :)

Patrick and I spent some time at the hotel's lounge while using the wifi.  And then I also checked out the other rooms of the C Boutique Hotel just in case we'll be back with a larger group next time :)

Though the hotel accommodated our request for a late check-out, we were ready to leave by 12 Noon.  It helped that we all kept our belongings organized so it wasn't hard to pack them once we were ready to leave.

Anyway, before leaving Baguio, we also went back to the Public Market where we bought our Longganisa, some fruits, tinapa and other souvenir goodies :)

At the parking lot, we planned our route home because we knew that we'd be taking Marcos Highway back to Manila since Kennon Road was closed.  It was kind of fortuitous in a way since this meant that we were able to complete our Baguio Trip with a different route on the way back.  Check out my post on directions for taking Marcos Highway for the return trip to Manila.

Since we had a late, heavy breakfast, we all didn't feel the need to have lunch at all.  We did have some snacks in the car while on the road so that by the time we reached Clark, that was when our hunger made its presence known.  Naturally, we went to our favorite restaurant in Clark - Iguana's Authentic Mexican Food at 50 Don Juico Ave, Bgy. Anunans, Angeles, Pampanga.

The kids had their own orders of chicken burrito.  Each order came with 2 pieces of burrito.  Dana finished hers but Dylan could only finish one.  

Chicken Burrito - P185
 I had my favorite Chicken Mexicana - grilled chicken breast with melted cheddar cheese, salsa, Mexican rice and borracho beans.  I actually had to order extra Mexican rice because the chicken was very thick and chunky.
Chicken Mexicana - P225
Patrick ordered his favorite Chili Zapata - meat chili with Mexican rice, borracho beans and flour tortillas with butter.  If you put them together it's a burrito haha

Chili Zapata - P225

 I liked this sign that they posted on the bathroom door :)

It has been a busy, exhilarating and tiring trip to Baguio but it was certainly memorable and will stay with us for years to come :)  Maybe next time we return, we'll have more adventures to talk about :)

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