The 1st birthday of Grayson Lucas at the PAF Aerospace Museum

06 August 2016

Yesterday, we went to the PAF Aerospace Museum to celebrate Grayson Lucas' 1st birthday.  We were all excited because the kids and I haven't been to the PAF Aerospace Museum before.  So, this was a birthday party, a reunion and an educational field trip rolled into one!
Thanks Jops and Gabs for inviting us!! :)  Happy birthday Grayson Lucas! :)

Parents Jops and Gabz pulled out all the stops to this celebration of their son's first birthday.  The venue was perfect - airy, spacious and well-lit.  The decorations were festive.  The cake and cupcakes which I assume were works of art by Cathz were cute and perfectly yummy!  Lots of prizes for the kids too :)

There was, of course, a kids' program with a puppet, a magic show and fun and games.  Dana and Dylan won prizes during the "Name that Song" portion where you need to guess the song title, or name the movie or TV show the song was sung.  It was funny because we were just playing that game on youtube the day before not knowing it was going to be a game at the birthday party LOL

The kids were invited to pose for pictures after the activities ended.  It was also logistically practical because everyone was gathered round for the "Happy birthday" song and the blowing of the candle and the giving away of the loot bags :)

Of course, we took the time to take a picture with my Uncle Ping! :) Tita Beth, where are you?? :)

Final selfie before the party was done :)

 Jops, loved the loot bags and the actual LOOT BAG!! hahaha :D

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