1-Day Sale at The Reading Room in Cubao X

02 July 2016

It's always nice to discover new shopping haunts, particularly if they're entrepreneurial boutiques that offer unique and interesting products.  Today, we found one when we went to The Reading Room, Shop #39 in Cubao X (formerly the Marikina Shoe Expo).  I saw their 1-day sale announcement on Facebook yesterday and as Dana and I browsed their products, we squealed when we stumbled on their Totoro Luminous stickers and then and there we decided to visit their shop :)  This was also the first time for the kids to visit the former Marikina Shoe Expo.

Patrick and I grew up visiting the Marikina Shoe Expo.  It was where we bought shoes for school because they were sturdy and well-made.   Walking along the streets of this part of Cubao was nostalgic for both of us and we took turns relating stories of our escapades.  So much has changed around the area and we were a bit saddened about that.  But it is also heartwarming that the Marikina Shoe Expo has been revived with new blood, like the Reading Room.

It wasn't hard to spot it as you enter the Cubao X (Marikina Shoe Expo).  To be more specific, it's behind the old Rustan's Department Store, along Gen. Romulo Street.  If you're familiar with the old COD Department Store (now a SaveMore Supermarket), it's beside that.  The photo below shows the shop as you walk down the street.  For today's sale, they put up a tent for a lot of books, garments and other knick-knacks.

Inside, as we entered, we were warmly greeted by the owner, Sandy, I think :)  She mentioned that this 1-day sale was on the occasion of their 9th year anniversary in Cubao X so that's a huge feat! :) Congratulations! :)  We got these :)

The shop was well-lit and appealingly organized.  At first, we took our time looking around the shop so we knew where to start with our shopping because there were bookcases overflowing with books and more shelves with various knick-knacks :)  Dana got impatient and asked Sandy where the Totoro stickers were because they weren't initially visible.  They were buried under some  notepads but we dug them out.  They were originally priced at P50 each but for this sale, we got them for 3 for P100! What a steal! :)

They actually had a lot of Totoro items because Sandy herself was a fan, like us.  We actually were singing the soundtrack yesterday hehe

Totoro socks for P200/pair
Dana got them for P120!
They also had these.  I'm not actually sure what they are.  They're like keychains but they're heavy haha They also had Totoro bag tags, rulers and notepads.  I wasn't able to take pictures because people were starting to come in and it was becoming crowded in the store. 

Some of the knick-knacks included these hair clips (3 for P50) and wooden clips.

Dana got these
Dana also got these bookmarks.  They were P5 each.

These were some of the children's books titles.

These were some of the books that were on sale.  There was also a huge bookcase on the other side.

We took selfies here near the book tree :)

Thanks to The Reading Room for an enjoyable shopping experience! :) We hope to come back soon! :)

The Reading Room
Shop #39 Cubao X
FB:  https://www.facebook.com/THEREADINGROOM888

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