Tasting Bo's Coffee's "Sablan Reserve" Premium Washed Bourbon #boscoffee

02 July 2016

I love coffee and it's always a joy discovering new coffee products and tastes.  We received this 200g can of Sablan Reserve as a gift and it has been sitting in our pantry for a while now since it had to be ground before we could actually brew it.  It was worth the wait! :)

Since we didn't have our own coffee grinder, I actually contemplated asking for help from some friends who may have personal coffee grinders at home but I soon realized that this situation happened before.  We got Starbucks coffee beans but we couldn't brew them yet and we went to the nearest Starbucks branch to grind these beans for us at no cost.  I checked the coffee can and that's when I found out that these coffee beans came from Bo's Coffee.  I messaged them through their Facebook page to which they responded promptly that I could bring our can of Sablan Reserve to any Bo's Coffee branch and they would grind it for us at no cost too.

We were only able to go to SM San Lazaro yesterday.  Initially, there was some confusion when Patrick brought it to the counter because they thought we were buying it.  When Patrick mentioned that we weren't buying it but instead only brought it to them for grinding, they didn't believe him at first.  Fortunately, when they checked, they were out of stock of any Sablan Reserve so we couldn't have bought it from them on that day.

Anyway, we finally brewed our first cup this morning and the aroma was heavenly!  You know you're getting a full-bodied cup of coffee just by that smell alone! :)  As we poured the brewed coffee into our mugs, we were salivating because the aroma enticed us so much and we weren't disappointed.  The coffee was rich, deep and a little fruity.

About Sablan Reserve, as written on the can:

"This variety of Washed Bourbon was grown in a 150-hectare farm in Sablan, Benguet through the craftsmanship and skill of the Igorots who take coffee-making from planting, cultivating to processing very seriously.  

Their carefully-preserved way of coffee planting which started in the 1950's is balanced with a modern roasting process that creates the deep, sweet flavors of Washed Bourbon with a slight fruity undertone."

There are also details of the artisan who actually tended the coffee beans.

As I understood it, this can of Sablan Reserve cost P460.  It's definitely worth it if you also think about the people who carefully grew these coffee beans.  The flavor, the taste, the aroma - all of it makes for a great cup of coffee.  That it's also crafted in the Philippines is a big plus! :)

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