Admission to the National Museum (and its other museums nationwide) is Permanently FREE!

01 July 2016

Our family so enjoyed our visit to the National Museum and the Museum of the Filipino people last May that we follow the National Museum of the Philippines' Facebook page for announcements on FREE admission schedules.  Just yesterday, I was so surprised and exhilarated to learn that the National Museum, through its Board of Trustees, has established that admission to the National Museum and its other sister museums nationwide will be PERMANENTLY FREE starting July 1st 2016!

According to their status update on Facebook, museum viewership experienced a significant increase among younger Filipinos, particularly during "Free of Charge" periods like National Arts Month in February, National Heritage Month in May, and National Museums and Galleries Month in October.  I can attest to the truth in this because we actually took advantage of a Free Admission Day last May and majority of the visitors with us were families (with young kids) and students.

They said, "Enhancing universal access by all Filipinos to what we proudly exhibit as our national patrimony and heritage has always been a primary concern, and with this new policy we hope to reach more people than ever before, both by encouraging visits to our museums, and by bringing the National Museum's programs and resources to communities throughout the national capital and all the regions of our archipelago".

A visit to the museum is truly enriching and educating for everyone, not just for kids.  When my kids and I went to the National Museum and the Museum of the Filipino people last May (read about our adventure here and here), we couldn't get enough of the exhibits and the artwork.  One day isn't enough to fully absorb the culture and the history embedded in each artwork.  With the permanent free admission, we can easily go back as much as we want now :) So Thank You National Museum!! :)  We can't wait to visit again :)

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