Pio's 4th Birthday Celebration at Kenny Rogers Roasters Katipunan

04 June 2016

Today, we went to Kenny Rogers Roasters in Katipunan to celebrate Pio's 4th Birthday.  We left pretty early to avoid the traffic and we made it in time to slide into the last remaining slot in the parking :)
This was the first time we've attended a birthday party at Kenny Rogers so it was interesting to see how they managed the party.

Our vehicle for today's trip was the Mazda 6 Diesel variant.  Patrick will be driving it to Bolinao, Pangasinan on the 6th so he already has it with him.  It's such a smooth ride and quiet despite being a diesel engine.  :)

Since we arrived a bit early, they were still setting up the venue so we just hung around :)

We took pictures of the cake and the cupcakes that Cathy made before the party started.  It was Star Wars themed and the BB8 cake was cool! : Congrats Cathy on a job well done! :)

The party started with a prayer and an exuberant singing of "Happy Birthday Pio".  The host threatened to collect P1500 from anyone caught not singing to the tune hahaha That's a really good incentive hahaha

Unfortunately, Dylan didn't want to participate in the games as he was overwhelmed by the sounds and he didn't recognize the people around him.  So we just watched as the games unfolded.  They were different but interesting.  For instance, the first game involved identifying the brand from the tagline or slogan.  The adults would type the answer on their phones and the kids would bring these phones to the host for verification.  There were a number of prizes given away for each slogan.

The 2nd game was a modified "Trip to Jerusalem" or "Musical Chairs".  Kids would circle around the chairs and sit on one as soon as the music stops.  But that won't get them eliminated.  Elimination was determined by a piece of paper chosen from a pot.  Written on this piece of paper was a particular tagline from Kenny Rogers which has a corresponding match attached to the back of a chair.  The child who sat on THAT chair, unfortunately, was eliminated.

There was also the popular "Bring Me" game.  I wonder why they always ask for a "red" lipstick.  Of all the parties I've attended and there's a Bring Me game, they always ask for a Red Lipstick and Dana or Dylan always wins because I do have one in my bag hahaha  I wish they can ask for something hard to actually "bring" because sometimes the venue is a bit crowded and kids can get hurt rushing to reach the host if the item they're asking for is common.

The last game was funny.  The last item that the host asked for in the Bring Me challenge was an ID.  So the kids naturally got the IDs of their parents to give to the host.  The host rewarded the kids with their prizes but didn't return the IDs immediately to the puzzlement of the parents.  The reason was he used the IDs to bring the owners to the front because they themselves will be participating in the last game for the party!! hahaha

They were each asked their favorite animal and were expected to mimic the animal's cry or sounds, complete with gestures and actions.  It was hilarious to see adults mimicking dogs barking, cats meowing, snakes hissing and a lot more.  Oh and they didn't just mimic the sounds, they had to sing the Happy Birthday song using these sounds.  The audience clapped for the best mimic :)

After all that activity, the food was brought out.  Kids had a plate of spaghetti, chicken, corn muffin and a drink.  Adults had chicken, rice, corn muffin and a drink. Cathy, Ian and Pio sat with us to eat :)

Cathy also came over to our table earlier to tell us that a photo booth was set up just outside the venue.  Dana, Dylan and Patrick immediately tried it out.  I went with the kids a little later.  Will upload the photos once they're released online.

While I was waiting for our pictures at the photo booth, the kids got their loot bags from their Tita Cathy and Tito Ian.  There were coupons for free frozen yogurt included in the loot which we claimed immediately.  It was good!  Dylan didn't like it because he was expecting it to be sweet like a Frosty.  haha

In the car, the kids couldn't wait to try on their masks and headgear!

We all had a great time.  Thank you Cathy and Ian for inviting us!  Happy birthday Pio!! :)

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