Events: Luke's 1st birthday

14 May 2016

Another milestone in the Tadeo Family:  Luke celebrated his 1st Birthday at Jollibee Pioneer! Yay! Happy birthday Luke and Congrats to Mommy Toni and Daddy Stevie!! :)  It's so nice to see everyone again.  Thank you for inviting us we had such a great time!! Daming pagkain!! :)

The last time that we saw Luke was during his Christening and he was so small then.  Now, look at him, he's grown so much and he's such a cutie!! He's really a combination of Stevie and Toni hahaha

The party started with the obligatory photo opp with the family and the birthday celebrant.  Then, a prayer from Hannah followed.  She's so grown up too! 

After an introductory dance number by the Jollibee Party Crew (I enjoyed watching them too much I forgot to take a picture of them!), the games started!

Dylan was shy to participate at first and Dana felt that she was a bit older to participate herself so they just watched the other kids.  The first game was the "Longest Greeting", where the kid who says "Happy birthday Luke" the longest wins.  Hannah, Luke's sister, won with 29 seconds!!  Dylan won in the "Bring Me" game for bringing a Red Lipstick.  Dana, immediately went into action when she grabbed a yellow balloon from the wall for another round of Bring Me.  We teased her because initially she said she was too old for games hahahaha  I won a pen for guessing the title of the song.  There was a round for adults after the kids.  I guessed "Voltes V"! favorite anime of all time haha

After more games, the party went on a break to start bringing in the food.  We all had Spaghetti, Chickenjoy, French Fries, drinks and sundaes.  Adults had an additional Yum with Cheese :)  There was a lot of extra orders so we could actually get more if we wanted because some people cancelled at the last minute.

Naturally, the highlight of the party was when Jollibee himself came out!  Kids immediately came to greet him.  He made his way towards the birthday celebrant and the family :)

Then, he interacted with the rest of the guests.  Since we sat close to the open area, Jollibee sat at our table and played with Dana.  Dylan was a little wary of him but he got into the mood a little later.

Then it was time for the blowing of the candle for Luke's birthday cake.  The kids gathered round and everyone started singing "Happy Birthday!".  Everyone was in very high spirits.

Jollibee was very accommodating as Toni and her family took the time for a picture!

When Jollibee left, every kid lined up and got a loot bag.  Thanks Tita Toni for the goodies!

Then we waited for the festivities to end and went home with Toni and Stevie.  It was a good thing Patrick is currently test driving the Toyota Avanza which meant we were able to give Stevie and the kids a ride back home. It was a chance for the kids to bond even while riding :)

Again, Happy Birthday Luke! May you be blessed with happiness, good health and success in life! :) Thanks Toni and Stevie!! Nice to see Lance and Hannah too :)