Dinner at Ponte Rialto Ristorante Italiano in McKinley Hill

29 May 2016

After 2 hours of listening to great music from Bituin Escalante and the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra Jazz Ensemble (read about it here), we all trooped to Ponte Rialto Ristorante Italiano in McKinley Hill.  This restaurant is owned by long-time friends and it's only been recently opened so we were simply honored to be invited.  They offer authentic Italian cuisine, a varied selection of wines and drinks, and an altogether cozy and warm atmosphere perfect for dining amidst the replica of the Venice Grand Canal.

The event we came from lasted till 10PM so by the time we got to the Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill, it was like it was already closed.  This is a relatively new mall and this is the first time we've been here.  It's impressive since they've certainly adapted the Venetian theme so well.  Dana was certainly ogling the architecture around her since she's fascinated with Italy at the moment. :)

The Ponte Rialto Ristorante Italiano is located at the Ground Floor of the Venice Grand Canal Mall.  They have air-conditioned seating as well as alfresco dining.  Alfresco dining is nice because you can take advantage of the views of the canal and of the gondolas (for hire at P500 per person) that regularly drift past.  At the time that we arrived, there were still some people riding the gondolas.    

We got there ahead of the others, so we took the time to take exterior shots of the restaurant.

The Front
The Middle (with its own entrance)
The End
Kids really liked staying out and just looking at the gondolas wishing they could ride them now :)

Before we sat down to eat, we went to the restroom and whoa! was it big!! :)  People will definitely take their time once they're inside hahaha and Yes! They have a bidet!! :D Love that!! :D

Once we were all seated and the food kept coming, we simply had to try everything! Unfortunately, we didn't get to take pictures of all the dishes but Patrick got some too.  I'll share the photos from their Facebook page for now.

The Carpaccio was a palate opener - fresh and tangy!  Perfect compliment to the fresh bread that was served.  The pizzas were thin, light and toasty but very tasteful even with just the tomato sauce base and a handful of toppings.  The Garganelli was to die for.  It was cream-based and so rich, just one bite will make your eyes close in appreciation of its goodness :)

Carpaccio di Manzo (Thin slices of raw beef with chopped arugula
and slivers of parmigiano cheese)
Pizza Margherita (Pizza with Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella)
Garganelli di mamma Martina
(Home made garganelli pasta with porcini mushroom)

Patrick put together this collage of the other dishes we had the pleasure to eat. I forgot the name of the dish but it's a cheesy, bean pasta dish and it's good!  I actually didn't order anything and just had a spoonful of each dish but it was enough to fill me up :)

Dylan also had chicken breasts with a side order of mashed potatoes and that was extremely good too.  The chicken was lightly breaded so it's a bit crunchy but the inside was soft and juicy, the perfect foil to the savory mashed potatoes.  Also, I have to say that it was a hefty serving of chicken.  Dana, Dylan and I shared that one chicken breast and it was filling :)

Dana ordered a Spaghetti Bolognese and it was delicious! :)  It's definitely not your Pinoy spaghetti :D  Dylan and I loved the interiors too.   And, finally he got a chance to take a picture with his Tita Bito :)

If only people can smell the food from this post hehe The aroma was tantalizing, definitely making your mouth water.  We had such a fabulous time with our dinner.  Thank you very much for your hospitality.  Congratulations on your restaurant !

Ponte Rialto Ristorante Italiano
G/F Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill, Taguig, Metro Manila
Contact Numbers: ( 02) 957 1573
Open between 11AM and 11PM, Monday to Sunday
Dishes range from P350 and up