Jazz for a Summer Evening with Bituin Escalante and the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra Jazz Ensemble

29 May 2016

It's always a privilege to be able to watch our good friend Bito perform, whether she's on stage as an actor (she's a fine theater actor) or as a singer (one of the best vocal talents of the Philippines!). Yesterday, we saw that she was performing at the Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village, Makati together with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra Jazz Ensemble and we immediately got excited and prepared to watch them.  Oh and it was free so it really was a great opportunity for us to enjoy great music in the open air! :)

When we got to the venue, the place was already packed.  Tables were laid out and a buffet area was present, hosted by Via Mare.  We initially sat down with a couple at a table (All tables had a "Share a Table, Win a Friend" sign) but after a while, Patrick and Dylan found the Aguilos Family and we sat down with them.  The event started at 730pm.

Part One started with the Woodwind Ensemble, composed of Hercules Santiago (Flute), Ariel Sta. Ana (Clarinet), Jar Ar Mesa (Horn), Jerry Samonte (Bassoon) and Ederick Sampedro (Guest Drummer), playing the following music:  Tico- Tico, Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas, Ikaw, Colors of the Wind and Bohemian Rhapsody.  It was great music and the kids really loved listening to a different rendition of the music that they already knew.  While listening, it was also catching up time with the Aguilos Clan.  Dana and Tamara, best buddies, went around the venue.  The rest of us just sat with each other for good food and good music :)

Another performance involved the PhilBond Trio:  Angelica Regalario (Violin), Marie Poblete (Flute) and Aimee Dela Cruz (Marimba) with their renditions of Victory, 2 short Piazzollas - Adios Nonino and Oblivion, Leyenda, Por Una Cabeza, All of Me and Fireworks.  For their performance, Dylan and I moved closer to the stage to better appreciate the music.  Dylan was amazed at the marimba and he loved the sounds it made :)

The captivated audience was totally entertained.  The younger kids, like Dylan and Dana, laughed and were surprised by "All of Me" and "Fireworks".  The final piece involved all of the musicians performing "Violetango" and "Smooth Criminal".

There was a 10 minute intermission before Bito's part came up.  We all just chatted away while the kids played around near us and at the playground in the back of the venue.


When it was announced that Bito was now going to perform, Dylan and I moved back to the side of the stage for better acoustics :)  He kept asking what Bito was singing, there were actually 7 songs:  Balut, Feeling Good, Glory of Love, Ababa Boogie, Each Time We Say Goodbye, What a Wonderful World and Orange-Colored Sky.  At one point, Dana and Tamara caught up with us and they were all dancing there on the lawn while Bito was singing Ababa Boogie :)  Dylan and I were clapping so hard, it was so good!

When it was over, the kids posed for pictures at this cool water fountain :)

After the show, we all went to Ponte Rialto Ristorante Italiano in McKinley Hill and the next post will talk about it so keep reading :)