Steps to Filing for Amnesty for Real Estate Taxes in Manila

31 May 2016

Today, Patrick and I went to the Manila City Hall to get our real estate taxes in order.  We've lapsed on our payments (yep, our bad!) and so we wanted to get our affairs in order.  Fortunately, as we were trying to figure out our way at the Tax Payers' Lounge, we noticed that there were "amnesty" signs around the area which prompted us to ask if we were eligible.  So, yeah, it turned out that we were and these are the steps that we took to file for Amnesty for Real Estate Taxes in Manila.  Hope it helps others even if the Amnesty is only until June 30.

Step 1.  Verification

We first approached the counter "G" which was, if I remember correctly, the counter for Verification of Records.  At the time that we went, there wasn't a line and we were assisted immediately.  This is where we saw some "Amnesty" forms which prompted us to ask them of our eligibility.  We learned that we were covered by the amnesty until year 2015.  We had a backlog of 3 years, actually.  There was also a small piece of paper that you can take that outlines the steps you need to take.  Naturally, we took one.  We were directed to go to Counter "H".

Step 2.  Real Property Tax Assessment

This is where they compute just how much taxes you're supposed to pay, including interests and penalties.  It helps to bring your previous Statement of Accounts (SOA's) to allow them to compute your taxes fast.  We got our current Statement of Account as they further instructed us on the next steps.

Step 3.  Get your Tax Declaration papers

This step required us to go to the 2nd floor, look for room number 205, and go to Window 5.  It was a good thing that the Taxpayers' Lounge was near the stairs which enabled us to move efficiently to the 2nd Floor.  When we reached our destination, there wasn't any line as well and we finished promptly.  We just gave them a copy of the Statement of Account (the one you get from Counter H) and that's it.  The clerk will simply print out the Tax Declaration papers and you're on your way.

Step 4.  Photocopy your Identification Card

If you have someone with you, you can actually do this simultaneously with the other steps.  If you have more than one statement of account, meaning you have more than one property to take care of, that means you have to produce one copy of your ID for each property you're applying Amnesty for.  In our case, I needed two.  There are many photocopying areas around the Manila City Hall.  One copy was P2.

Step 5.  Affidavit of Good Faith

The papers that we were compiling (SOA, Tax Dec and copies of IDs) are going to be attached to this document - Affidavit of Good Faith.  This is a document that's like a Promissory Note.  They have a form that they will give you to fill out at the Taxpayers' Lounge.  From Counter "H", count three posts and you'll find it.  It's an interim counter specifically for the Amnesty Program, let's call it "Amnesty" Counter. It's right across Counter "G", near where the waiting area is.  Upon submission of these documents and filling out of the form(s), you have to wait a while as they have it approved and signed by the City Treasurer.  We only had to wait a few minutes.

Here, they will also recalculate your taxes, subtracting penalties and interests, and then producing a new Statement of Account.  This is what you'll be using when you pay under Amnesty.

That's it!  It seems like a lot of steps but it was fast enough and people at the City Hall were helpful and pleasant so it was pretty easy.  You can then pay at the Real Property Tax payment windows if you already have the cash.  We didn't yet so we just went home after.

I hope that this helps.  It's only until June 30 though so make haste! :D

I was able to return today (June 3) for payment of both back taxes and for the current year.  Payment for back taxes was at Counter "C".  Then, I was told to photocopy that receipt and take it back to the "Amnesty" Counter so that they can file my payment for their records.

Yay! Mission Accomplished!

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