Watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens

19 December 2015

When something big is happening, you want to be there when it happens. Star Wars:  The Force Awakens is a film that we are not going to miss for the world.  As avid Star Wars fans, this has been a long time coming and this is a movie that you really have to watch on the big screen.  We got our wish when we were given 2 free tickets by a dear friend of ours, Bito and we trooped to the Rockwell Powerplant Cinemas to watch it there!

I first saw Bito's post on FB saying she was giving away 2 free tickets to the 5PM screening of Star Wars:  The Force Awakens and I didn't miss a second commenting on the thread that I wanted those haha  She immediately PM'd me to mention the details and that the tickets were ours :)  The slight problem was that since there were only 2 tickets, it's a question of who goes to watch.

There is no question that it's going to be me and Patrick because the kids will be left alone.  So that meant that Dylan and Patrick will be going.  Fortunately, I had some money, just enough to afford the tickets for me and Dana.  But we couldn't watch the same screening as Patrick and Dylan because their tickets were for a special private screening.  So, we checked out the schedules and got tickets for the 7PM screening.  There was an earlier screening but it was in 3D but I have problems with 3D :)  Dana and I just spent the rest of the time going around Rockwell :)

What can I say about Star Wars TFA? Oh my Gosh!! The first time I saw the crawling intro, I got misty-eyed! I kind of missed the 20th Century Fox opening theme haha It's like it's not complete without that theme :D

I liked that Episode 7 brought back so many memories from the old movies (specifically Episodes 4, 5 and 6) but had so many new unforgettable scenes to create new memories from.  It helped that before the showing, we had a marathon of all the Star Wars movies :)  When I saw the Legacy cast come out on screen, I had goosebumps.  Definitely Fan-Girl moment especially when Chewie and Han Solo came on.

For me, the film was both a refresher movie for the new generation, like you would hear on TV like, "Previously on (Insert TV show Title here)".  It needed to connect the previous movies and bring everyone up to speed on what's happening now.  It's understandable because technically this movie follows 4,5 & 6 not Episodes 1, 2 & 3 and it may be confusing for people who only saw the prequels first and didn't bother with 4-6 :)  They're laying the groundwork for the next 2 movies and that's okay :)

I'm not going to say much, in case I spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but I loved it and I'm not going to dissect it.  I'm simply going to enjoy it and hopefully I can watch it again :)

Oh, since Patrick and Dylan's screening finished first, they all ended up having dinner together.  Here are Luna and Tala with Dylan :) Like Bito said, The Force awakened in Luna and Tala but Dylan has been a Padawan for much longer :)


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